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Mission Management System

Mission Management System for helicopters

The Mission Management System (MMS) for helicopters is a non-flight critical command-and-control system for helicopters and other platforms with C4I demands. Its purpose is to integrate tactical sensors, data links and weapons, providing the system operator with total situational awareness.
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In an increasingly high-paced and high-technology environment, ready and accurate access to information regarding both own-unit status and a more widespread situational picture become crucial factors for a unit's ability to succeed.

Multi-function console

The removable operator workstation, or multi-function console (MFC), provides the facilities for presentation of data from and operator control of the different functions provided by subsystems attached to the MMS.

To permit adaptation to different helicopters and/or national requirements, the basic console has customisation panels where equipment such as radio and sensor/weapon control panels can be mounted.

Acoustic data from dipping sonar, radars, optronic sensors and/or acoustic processing systems are also presented by the MFC on a large 19” main tactical display (MTD). The MFC comes in two different versions for installation in small to medium sized helicopters. The MFCs in a system are identical and permit configurations with one or more consoles.

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In use

MMS is in use with the Swedish Air Force, NH90S.

Technical specification

The MMS is easily extended with functions for:

  • Airborne command
  • Combat search and rescue (CSAR)
  • Tactical troop transport (TTT)
  • Aircraft interface; “safe” data interchange with core avionics for presentation of aircraft data

Helicopter-related functions included in the basic configuration:

  • General command, control and co-ordination functions
  • Navigation support incl. route planning
  • Tactical radar, IFF and electro-optical sensor interface
  • Tactical analysis and planning, including order and message handling
  • Ground operation functions, including communication
  • Tactical data Links
  • Tactical recording and replay, war diary report generation etc.
  • Interface to GSM/SMS and USB device for interaction with non-military agencies
  • Support and built-in testing features

The MMS is capable of interfacing with the following types of equipment:

  • Core avionics interface
  • Video-distribution systems
  • Internal communication system (ICS)
  • Tactical search radar/IFF interrogators
  • EW systems
  • Electro-optical sensors
  • Acoustic sensor system (dipping sonar, sonobuoy receivers etc.)
  • Data-transfer unit (DTU)
  • NATO tactical data links with cryptographic equipment, modems and radios
  • Non-tactical data links
  • Ground-based simulators
  • Mission-planning systems
  • Stores-management systems
  • Torpedoes
  • Air-to-surface missiles

MMS - Mission Management System

MMS - Mission Management System

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