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Mission Management System

The 9AIRBORNE MMS (Mission Management System) is a non-flight critical command and control system for all types of platforms and for all types of missions.
Nils-Ola Svensson
Head of Product Sales, Combat Systems and C4I Solutions
+46 8 580 85660

In an increasingly high-paced and high-technology environment, ready and accurate access to information regarding both own-unit status and a more widespread situational picture become crucial factors for mission success.

The 9AIRBORNE MMS provides functionality which has been optimized for the airborne domain.

The information from primary surveillance radar, IFF, ADS-B, Tactical Data Links, AIS and ESM provides forces with improved situational awareness.

9AIRBORNE MMS comprises the renowned Track Data Fusion Engine (TDFE) for sensor data fusion and correlation of tracks which further enhances the situational awareness. Combining the situational awareness with fully integrated sensors and weapons offers advanced capabilities for all missions.

The 9AIRBORNE MMS is designed so everybody on board can interact with and view mission system information, regardless of their level.

The Human-Machine Interface (HMI) has been designed together with end users, ensuring that it meets the needs of operators in every mission situation.



9AIRBORNE MMS is a cost effective, interoperable and flexible system that can be used on all types of platforms for all types of missions. Saab has adapted the solution for:

  • AEW&C’s
  • MPA’s
  • MSA’s
  • ISR-platforms
  • Helicopters

9AIRBORNE MMS capabilities

9AIRBORNE MMS cover capabilities for:

  • Air and sea surveillance
  • Sensor and weapons management
  • Weapons control
  • SAR coordination
  • Air Space Management
  • Data Link Management
  • Communications
  • Airborne command
  • Combat search and rescue (CSAR)
  • Tactical troop transport (TTT)
  • Aircraft interface; “safe” data interchange with core avionics for presentation of aircraft data


9AIRBORNE MMS Mission System Network

  1. Mission Operator workstation.
  2. HF/VHF/UHF.
  3. SATCOM.
  4. Tactical datalink.
  5. Intercom.
  6. IFF. 
  7. EWS.
  8. Sonorbouy.
  9. ELINT.
  10. Weather radar.
  11. ADS-B Transponder.
  12. SAR direction finder. 
  13. AIS transponder.
  14. Electro-optical sight.
  15. Survellance radar.
  16. Mission data recorder.  
  17. Mission computer.
  18. Flight management system.
  19. Mission Cockpit display.

The Multi-function console

The multi-function console (MFC), or workstation, provides the operator with control of all different functions included in the 9AIRBORNE MMS. Acoustic data from dipping sonar, radars, optronic sensors and/or acoustic processing systems are also presented by the MFC on a large 19” main tactical display (MTD).

In use

9AIRBORNE MMS as a part of the TMS system is in use with the Swedish Air Force, NH90S.


9Airborne MMS

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