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Air C4I Training System

Realistic Real-Time Training

Operators in C4I systems must have realistic training in real time. The Air C4I Training System from Saab is a simulator designed for this purpose, and it can also be used for technical evaluation and testing.
Nils-Ola Svensson
Head of Product Sales, Combat Systems and C4I Solutions
+46 8 580 85660

The Air C4I Training System is a high-performance Linux-based simulator which, with one or two scenarios, can be used to stimulate two centres simultaneously.

The Air C4I Training System from Saab is designed to provide realistic real-time training for operators in air C4I systems. The simulator presents a complete simulated environment, realistic in every detail, just like situations you would encounter in live operations.

Such simulations include the full range of sensors, all moving objects, various weather conditions, jamming and all adjacent systems, as well as the interaction between operators and other support personnel controlling and managing operations. The simulator also includes pilot positions including tactical-data-link exchange capabilities.

Becoming a Customer

As a customer of Saab’s you benefit from a complete life commitment. It is our utmost ambition to support and facilitate your use of our products and services. That is why we are always willing to walk that extra mile to develop a strong and trustful relationship.


The system supports training for all levels of Fighter Controller and other operators, with tasks from basic training to highly complex operational scenarios.

Examples of training functions:

  • Handling of orders, briefings, intelligence and risk assessments
  • Monitoring the situation:
  • Directing sensors
  • Receiving sensor information from ground radar, airborne radar and fighter aircraft
  • Target tracking
  • Target management including identification and reception/distribution of situation pictures
  • Handling flight plans
  • Monitoring weather
  • Management and transmission of air defence areas, flight slots and threats by aggressors
  • Monitoring resources – the availability of radar, aircraft and airbases
  • Air missions with fighters such as engagement of target including pilot stations, as well as national and/or international tactical data links
  • Anti-aircraft operations relating to air-defence command and control (coordination between aircraft and air defence) and engagement of targets
  • Air-traffic control in wartime
  • Issuing alerts to air bases (base alerts) and local communities (air-raid warnings)


  • Communication-resource management
  • Voice communication
  • Radio communication
  • Data communication
  • Communication services

In use

The Air C4I Training System has been operational with the Royal Swedish Air Force since 1998. It has been continuously developed to offer the customer the latest state-of-the-art solutions.

Technical specification

The system can simulate the following types of objects and technical systems:


  • Airborne early warning (AEW)
  • 3D 300 km high S-band
  • 2D 150 km medium L-band
  • 2D 100 km low C-band
  • Ground radar, civil MSSR

Simulation of the sensors can also include simulation of rain areas, ground and sea clutter and wind.

Weapon systems

  • Aircraft
  • Specified fighters, fourth generation (incl. radar & EW)
  • Air defence
  • Ground-based air defence
  • Naval units
  • Ship movement + air defence


  • Military arbases
  • Civil airports

Command-and-control systems

  • Weather MILMET
  • C2 (adjacent) C2STRIC
  • ATCC


  • IP
  • Ground radar
  • Radio
  • Telephone


  • Air
  • Ground
  • Sea

Air and surface targets can be equipped with the ability to act as jammers

Air C4I Training Systems


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From the delivery of single-software functionality to the provision of a full-scale advanced tactical or operational C4I system, Saab can meet your every requirement with scalable, capable and affordable solutions.

From peacekeeping operations to real combat scenarios – today’s missions demand the seamless implementation of strategies. For decades, Saab has been providing solutions designed to meet such needs. From training and command and control systems, to military subsystems, weapons and next-generation aircraft, our solutions improve operational capabilities and reduce the cost of ownership.

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