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Multi-Source Intelligence Cell

Analysis of reconnaissance images & video
Carl-Marcus Remén
Senior Business Development Manager, Marketing and Future Products

The MSIC gives you the full picture. Its capabilities include order handling and supporting mission planning, as well as receiving data from an airborn surbeillance system. It enables commanders to receive tactical situation information and update C4I with detected objects in real time.

Operational advantages

  • Quality-assured  intelligence reports
  • Rapid deployment
  • Instant decision making 
  • Comprehensive situational overview
  • Pinpoint accuracy in locating objects

Becoming a customer

Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations.
That’s what we call a true commitment.


Having accurate and relevant reconnaissance information and the ability to present it rapidly is vital in making the right decisions and ensuring mission success.


All mission data, videos, images and reports are stored in a retrievable database that is easily accessible by operators and searchable by time, location or keyword. Snapshots of video can be taken for later analysis.

Analogue and digital video is captured and processed in real time, allowing instant assessment of reconnaissance and monitoring. A series of filters detects changes between images captured by unmanned surveillance units and alerts operators.

Analysis and evaluation of stored intelligence data can be performed on a separate time loop, allowing real-time monitoring to continue.


The MSIC supports units with live information, including damage assessment and terrain analysis. The map display features telemetric overlays, providing additional data such as unit position, system status, sensor coverage and image footprints.


The MSIC can generate complete reports containing detailed information of each mission, allowing commanders to evaluate and analyse any situation. The system is cleared for secret data, ensuring that sensitive information 
stays secure.

In use

In service since 2005, the msic has supported the swedish armed forces. In UAV operations in Afghanistan, as well as reconnaissance in Libya. The System’s collaborative analysis played a pivotal role in the success of both missions.

The MSIC’s ability to rapidly produce intelligence reports helps accelerate decision making and has also proven to be a key factor in successful missions for the Swedish Armed Forces. The MSIC is compatible with a full range of manned and unmanned surveillance systems.

Technical specification


  • Transportable by land, sea and air in 20 ft standard container  
  • Designed according to TEMPEST guidelines
  • Ballistic protection
  • Air conditioned
  • Multiple workstations
  • Power supply via mobile generator and UPS
  • COTS computer hardware
  • Hardware solution that is flexible to customer needs  
  • Installed in container or office space


  • STANAG 2019 APP-6 – Joint Military ymbology
  • STANAG 3377 AIR (Edition 6) – Air Reconnaissance    
  • Intelligence Report Forms
  • STANAG 3596 Air (Edition 6) – Air Reconnaissance    
  • Requesting and Target Reporting Guide
  • STANAG 4545 AIR (Edition 1) – NATO Secondary    
  • Imagery Format (NSIF)
  • STANAG 4575 AIR (Edition 2) - NATO Advanced    
  • Data Storage Interface (NADSI)


  • SOCET GXP: image analysis
  • Keystone: image handling
  • Adobe Photoshop: image editor
  • VLC:video playing
  • Adobe Premiere Pro: video editor
  • IRIS Forms: reporting
  • MS Office: reporting
  • Vricon Engine: production of high resolution geospatial 3D data


  • PC based  
  • Open architecture for future development  
  • Client-server solution
  • Database oriented
  • Scalable and flexible   
  • Possible add-ons with COTS software
  • Plug-in based
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