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Skeldar V-200 Civil security

Unmanned, versatile and mission ready

Information is a powerful asset in any mission.
Björn Palmér
Director & Head of Area Tactical UAS (Acting)
+46 13 182512

Information is a powerful asset in any mission. Skeldar, a medium-range UAV system, can hover for hours while providing real-time information to a control station or to remote video terminal.

It is fully autonomous, commanded by high-level-commands such as “Point and Fly” and “Point and Look”, and designed for a range of land, maritime and civil applications.

Ease of Operation

High level of autonomy for air vehicle/payload management and a modern graphical user interface makes SKELDAR easy to operate.


Launch and recovery requires only minimum logistics. High Autonomy during take off, flight and landing necessitates high safety.


Our products undergo continuous development, allowing opportunities to apply for modernisation and upgrades.


When it comes to UAS products, our policy focuses on attaining long-term sustainable development by reducing the environmental impact in the field and increasing the life cycle of our products


Seeing is believing

The Skeldar system consists of two air vehicles and a mobile UAS Control Station. Based on operational and technical requirements, the system may be integrated into a wide variety of segments and system environments utilising a common control concept and user interface in the context of command, control and payload management.


The Skeldar system is designed so it can easily be certified for all airspace classifications.


Launch and recovery requires only a minimum of personnel and preparation. Combining a modular design, short turnaround time, built in test functionality and a multiple choice of payloads increases Skeldar’s high availability.


Autonomy and precise manoeuvrability during takeoff & landing necessitates high safety. Skeldar can hover in the air for hours, providing real-time information to your control station and remote video terminals. 


Skeldar is designed with the aim of substantially reducing the logistical footprint. To simplify maintenance operations and reduce costs, for example,  the equipment compartments are easily accessible via panels that can be quickly opened and closed.

Security operations

Security Operations

Integration of Skeldar® UAS on fire-fighter vehicles, in the police force and border control units  will add great value to your ability to perform security operations. With Skeldar’s relative speed and agile flight envelope, imagery intelligence can be collected at long & short range. In this aspect, Skeldar® UAS is an asset with unique characteristics for providing real-time observations and for gaining situational awareness.

The characteristics of the Skeldar air vehicle allow it to approach danger zones or targets of interest with good stand-off range. The performance and features of the mission payload provides high resolution imagery that is ideal for search & rescue, surveillance, forest fire assessment and border patrol missions, as well as a broad range of other missions.

Security Operations and System Integration

The Skeldar® UAS has a modular design, which makes it possible to integrate the system into the customer’s preferred choice of vehicle. The Skeldar® UAS is a highly capable system, and  the system can be operated by just 2-4 people, owing to the ease of use, no take-off and landing equipment, and the low logistical footprint.

For long range and overseas transportation, ISO 20 ft containers are used to transport the Skeldar system. The tail of the Air Vehicle is easily attachable and detachable for minimising the required transportation volume. Furthermore, the main rotor blades are easily removed and attached.

In use


A team of Saab support personnel performs customer demonstrations where we show our UAS capabilities. The demonstrations highlight the ease of operation with high-level-commands such as “Point and Fly” and “Point and Look”. Applications such as surveillance, reconnaissance, identification and operational efficiency are demonstrated.  

In depth

Technical Specifications

The Skeldar unmanned system is designed for international use, implementing the relevant interoperability standards. The modular design enables easily interchangeable payloads to support a variety of missions.


Overall length (incl. rotor) 5.2 m/17.1 ft
Height 1.3 m/4.3 ft
Max take-off weight 235 kg/518 lb


Payload 40 kg/88 lb
Service ceiling > 3,500 m/11,500 ft
Max speed 140 km/h/75 kn
Endurance 6 h
Mission radius (D/L) > 100 km
TOL area 10 m/33 ft diameter


Heavy fuel, 2-cylinder, in-line, 625 cc, 2-stroke, liquid cooled internal combustion engine. This runs at a constant 6.100 RPM, has an electronic fuel injection/ignition system and is rated at approx 55 hp.


The air vehicle is available with a number of different advanced COTS payloads for information collection and dissemination and has a dual payload capability. The architecture is open for quick integration of future payloads.

Daylight and thermal gimbals
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI)
Saab's Electronic Surveillance Payload (ESP)
AIS transponder
Cargo hook


Core components of the UAS system
STANAG 4586 compliant
State-of-the-art user interface
Point-and-Fly and Point-and-See principle
Tethering Mode supporting moving UCS
Single or dual operator setup
Redundant flight safety critical computers
Open interface to BMS and C4ISR system



Range: > 100 km
Frequency: UHF, L, C or S-band
Low Bit Error Rate (BER) and high probability of error detection


Range: > 100 km

Frequency: UHF, L, C or S-band

High bandwidth enabling transmission of larger amounts of data


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