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Get rid of the paper strips

Is your ATM personnel submerged in paper strips? Try Saab's e-Strip system. e-Strip is a reliable, state-of-the-art electronic flight-progress strip system developed for replacing paper strips in TWR/APP environments.
Per Ahl
Director Sales Air Traffic Management
+46 8 580 844 79

Flight progress strips play a central role in air-traffic control.

Saab e-Strip is an electronic flight progress strip system which may be integrated with other tower and airport systems. It is user-friendly and highly configurable and can be customised to fit both large and small airports.


e-Strip is role-based which enables a dynamic way to split and combine positions depending on traffic situations and work load.

Fits your needs and your system

The product is highly configurable and can be customised according to requests, as well as integrated with other systems such as en-route systems or A-SMGCS systems.

Becoming a customer

As a customer of Saab’s you benefit from a complete life commitment. It is our utmost ambition to support and facilitate your use of our products and services. That is why we are always willing to walk that extra mile to develop a strong and trustful relationship.


e-Strip is a user-friendly and intuitive electronic flight-strip system designed to dynamically handle shifting between high and low traffic situations.


  • Dynamic: Based on roles and areas of responsibility, enabling a robust way of handling transfer sequences for strips.
  • Effective: Integrated DCL and OLDI interface to reduce voice time for departure clearance and coordination with APP/ACC.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly: Move the strips by clicking an action button or by drag-and-drop. Drag-and-drop operations as well as transferring of strips between roles have little or no restrictions. Strips are animated when they are moved to avoid situations such as "where did that strip go?"
  • Awareness-increasing: Alarms from an A-SMGCS system can be displayed on strips and rules for valid departure routes can be configured to validate clearance input by the operators.
  • Safe: Servers with redundancy support and procedures for emergency take-over of working positions in case of hardware failure.
  • Customisable: Custom procedures or strip layouts can be added to attend to the special requirements of different airports.

Additional benefits

Built-in application for computer-based training (CBT) for testing and training setup.


In use

e-Strip version 1.17 has been in use at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport since the beginning of 2009.

e-Strip version 2.0 has been in use at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport since the end of 2010.

Technical specification

Currently compatible with the following interfaces:

AFTN – sending/receiving of flightplans.
OLDI – coordination with APP/ACC systems. Currently integrated with Eurocat (Thales Air System).
Radar – used for automatically setting ATA/ATD.
A-SMGCS – used for exchanging flight-plan data, alarm information, stop-bar control and vehicle strips. Currently integrated with A3000 (HITT Traffic) where for example stop bars are automatically turned off from clearances given in e-Strip.
DCL – pre-departure clearance via data link. Currently developed with ARINC as the service provider for data-link communications.
AMAN – high-precision ETA from arrival manager.
DMAN – feeds departure manager with flight progress and gets suggested controller actions back.
FIDS – automatic stand/gate allocation from flight-information display system. Currently integrated with airport-specific systems at Stockholm-Arlanda and Helsinki-Vantaa.
De-ice – automatic de-ice stand allocation from de-ice system.
Airport billing – possibility to generate basic data for billing from ATA/ATD for aircraft.
  • Redundant servers running on COTS hardware. Redundancy solutions using active replication techniques that ensure recovery times of less than 1 second if hardware fails.
  • Compliant with the EUROCONTROL HMI standard for transfers between roles.
  • Automatic support for SID/XFL/AHD allocation of departure routes depending on aircraft type and environmental constraints.
  • Manual drawing on strips and reminders. Drawings are transferred to the next role.
  • Strip sections utilise configurable strip size compression, in different levels, to exclude the usage of section scrollbars. Strips are automatically expanded on certain events such as alarms.
  • Support for manually created strips for flight plans, vehicles and reminders.
  • Internal video recording of all client CWPs.


Becoming a Customer

A true commitment

As a customer of Saab’s you benefit from a complete life commitment. It is our utmost ambition to support and facilitate your use of our products and services. That is why we are always willing to walk that extra mile to develop a strong and trustful relationship. 

Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations. That’s what we call a true commitment.

Your needs - our concern

The e-Strip team at Saab is proficient in safety work regarding ATM systems and will help the customers in getting through the safety process needed for installing an electronic flight strip system. 

Customisation is often a part of the process and Saab is always willing to ensure that the system is well integrated with the operational needs at the airport.

Saab offers support services, system upgrades and training to ensure maintainability of the system and that e-Strip is adapted to any new needs that may arise. In addition, Saab offers a variety of consultancy services in the area of combining operational procedures with a robust system design.

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