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Ground Support Equipment

Supporting your maintenance

Göran Hagman
Logistics- and Business Developer
+46 13 23 17 82

Saab provides expert resources to assist our customer with supply and support of Ground Support Equipment to meet their operational requirements.

Saab offers products and services for a wide range of Ground Support Equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Special tool for maintenance and overhaul
  • Power and fuelling systems and equipment
  • Aircraft cooling systems
  • Support equipment for hydraulic systems
  • Refuelling equipment for pure air and other gases

Our Support Services help our customers establishing requirements, specifications, design, and in making the decision to manufacture or buy off the shelf.

  • We offer support, optimising the maintainability to meet operational requirements
  • We analyse trouble-shooting reports and suggestions for improvements and carry out modifications at our workshop, as well as take care of all administration based on customer’s needs and requirements
  • In our workshop, we modify and produce special vehicles, perform hangar installations and manufacture general equipment for oil, fuel, hydraulic, current and air distribution used on aircraft
  • We are able to build and provide special task tool-kits
  • We verify and validate, classify and register

Becoming a customer

Being a customer of ours means that you can rely on Saab’s innovative and technologically advanced state-of-the-art products. But also, it means that you can rely on our dedication and willingness to provide our entire knowledge and know-how for improving your operations.

Decades of providing products and services for the defence sector qualify Saab as a distinguished and recognized partner in the field of Ground Support Equipment. We are able to meet operational requirements through the product life cycle tailored to your specification and cost requirements.

Deployable maintenance products

Flexible and smart

Saab provides and offers a range of flexible and smart deployable maintenance products that radically improves availability and creates prerequisites for cost-efficient and quality assured operations on Forward Operating Bases.

Saab´s Deployable Maintenance Products

 Saab Deployable Maintenance Shelter

Deployable Maintenance Shelter is a complete system consisting of all equipment required to establish a hangar space for aircraft maintenance and repairs in a minimum of time, one hour by two soldiers at Forward Operational Bases.

 Saab Deployable Maintenance Hangar Deployable Maintenance Hangar is a complete system covering all equipment (except a wheel loader and generator) required to establish a maintenance hangar at a Forward Operating Base. The maintenance hangar can be established in twelve hours with four to five soldiers. All equipment is stored and transported in a 20 feet container.
 Saab Barracuda MS 09 In cooperation with Saab Barracuda, we can offer the Mobile Aircraft Shelter MS 09. A system to protect all fighter aircraft and several helicopter systems. Designed to a minimization of system volume, to the capability of being fully transportable on C-130. Safe, easy and fast installation and deployability without heavy equipment like cranes in the operational theatre by soldiers. The design gives a full degree of protection in all weather conditions and including multispectral camouflage properties. The MS 09 is an all-in-one solution for optimized tactical and operational turn arounds and aircraft maintenance in operational theatres and Forward Operational Bases.
Saab Deployable Maintenance Container

Deployable Maintenance Container Systems is a uniquely optimized maintenance solution to meet the Facility and Environmental Requirements to perform the same qualified air maintenance on the Forward Operating Base as in the Main Operating Base hangars and workshops.

Ground Support Equipment

In use

Saab has delivered Ground Support Equipment that is used in following Air Forces:

  • Swedish Air Force
  • South African Royal Air Force
  • Hungary Air Force
  • Czech Air Force
  • Royal Thai Air Force
  • Pakistan Air Force

Technical specification

Military aviation equipment

Our operations are authorised as a maintenance organisation by the Swedish Military Aviation Safety Inspectorate according to the Swedish Rules of Military Aviation – RML Part V-6A

Cooling media

Our operations are accredited to handle cooling media by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) according to SS-EN 45004

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