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Soldier Net

Personal Camouflage Net

Adaptable to precise requirements
Magnus Gäfvert
Head of Marketing and Sales, Barracuda, Business Area Dynamics
+46 493 148 75

The ability to perform high-risk missions is an invaluable capability. The Personal Net allows soldiers to execute stealth operations in the most hostile environments. It is ultra light, reduces detection, suits all climates and can be adapted to precise customer requirements. The system’s multispectral capabilities include visual, near-infrared and thermal infrared.

Saab is the world’s only complete system house within signature management. The company develops, manufactures and markets a comprehensive range of products for increased survivability and force protection. By working with Saab, you can be certain that you picked the best and most capable partner in the signature management industry.

Becoming a customer

As a customer of Saab’s you benefit from a complete life commitment. It is our utmost ambition to support and facilitate your use of our products and services. That is why we are always willing to walk that extra mile to develop a strong and trustful relationship.


Saab has developed a series of lightweight personal camouflage solutions capable of protecting soldiers in all types of operations. These multispectral systems are adapted for a wide range of situations, including special operations.

Soldier Net

The Soldier Net offers multispectral protection and allows soldiers to perform stealth operations in hostile environments. The ultra-light and water repellent system reduces detection and is suitable for all climates. The non-snagging construction allows a long service life and the camouflage net can be adapted to precise customer requirements. The Soldier Net has multispectral capabilities including visual, near-infrared and thermal infrared.

soldier net

In use

Saab's Signature Management product range currently has a customer base of more than 50 countries worldwide.

These customer relations have been built up during more than 50 years of dedicated development in camouflage and deception.

Technical specification

Soldier Net

Since armed forces today must be prepared for operations in a wide variety of settings with constantly changing threats and intensity, easy access to adaptable personal camouflage can be vital for soldier survivability. Saab’s Personal Camouflage Nets are easy to carry and provide adaptable multispectral protection for the individual soldier whenever needed.


Saab offers a complete range of Personal Camouflage Systems. The aim is to offer all soldiers, including special operations forces, lightweight and easy to pack Signature Management tools that offer protection and facilitate stealth operations in hostile territories. The Personal Camouflage Net (Soldier Net) is light and easy to carry. It has multispectral characteristics and protects in the visual, near-infrared and thermal wavebands.

Signature Management Properties

  • Visual. Both pattern and colours used in The Soldier Net are designed to imitate the colour scheme of each intended environment. Pattern and colours can be Customised according to customer requirements. The Soldier Net is also available in a winter version, where special attention is given to the UV properties of the net.
  • Near-Infrared. Pigments used in the Soldier Net pattern are developed to emulate the near infrared reflection of vegetation, rocks and soil in the intended environment. The near-infrared properties of the Soldier Net provide protection against night vision devices and other related threats.
  • Thermal Infrared. The thermal infrared properties are adapted to obstruct thermal reconnaissance and reduce the risk of detection in all climate conditions. The Soldier Net blocks 70% of the thermal energy transmitted by the soldier.



The Soldier Net is composed of two layers: a non-snagging base fabric and an incised garnish material, which provides the three dimensional surface structure. The net is ultra-light, weighing approximately 200g/m². The ‘non-snagging’ construction ensures easy handling and allows a long service life for the system. The Soldier Net is water repellent and maintains its ultra lightweight even when used in humid or wet weather conditions.

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Saab provides armed forces around the world with first class protection, from a full range of Signature Management systems, to fully-integrated EW solutions and complete security solutions for the safeguarding of operational infrastructure.

Today’s ground forces are preparing for tomorrow’s demanding missions in which combat strategies must be seamlessly implemented – from open to urban terrain and through a three-block war scenario. Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed to meet the need for enhanced operational capabilities and a higher level of effectiveness.

Saab’s Pocket Cam net has visual and near-infrared properties and is intended to be a natural part of every soldier’s equipment. The extremely light and compact design allows the camouflage net to be stowed and carried in a uniform or combat vest pocket.
HTR CoolCam provides protection to vehicles while moving and during combat. Reduces heat build-up from solar loading and environmental heat while operating in hot climatic regions.
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