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Laser Rangefinder

High-performance laser rangefinder
Carina Harnesk
Head of Product Area Laser, Electronic Defence Systems

For almost every army application, a laser rangefinder is a prerequisite for a fire-control system. The G-Tor is a compact lightweight and modular configuration of a laser rangefinder, designed for easy integration with electro-optical systems for various applications.

Low-eye-hazard laser for army applications

The laser is almost eye-safe for the unaided human eye, has a high repetition rate and an excellent range performance.

Range capability up to 20 km

With its range performance and repetition rate, target engagement when mounted on a Fire Control System is enhanced.

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The G-Tor laser rangefinder is a high-performance device developed for anti-aircraft applications. The laser is a low-eye-hazard unit, making it easy to use without complicated restrictions. The laser rangefinder is designed for open or sheltered mounting on optical sights.

Low-eye-hazard laser

The rangefinder has a low-eye-hazard laser, making it easy for training purposes. In addition, the excellent performance makes it well suited for target engagement.

High performance

G-Tor is a high-performance device that makes it highly suitable for anti-aircraft applications. The range performance and pointing stability guarantee target engagement even in poor conditions.


The product has a well-defined mechanical, optical and electrical interface,  making it easy to integrate with different sight systems. 

Modular build-up 

The laser rangefinder is built up using different modules. This makes it possible to re-arrange the laser rangefinder in different housings or hosts for various applications.

Environmental resistance

This rangefinder has well-proven quality that guarantees operation under severe conditions over long periods.

In use

The G-Tor is in service in several countries.

Units are in operational use with the following armies:

  • Swiss Army
  • Greece Army
  • Austrian Army
  • German Army
  • Saudi Arabian Army


Technical specification


  • Target tracking
  • Anti-aircraft engagement
  • Surveillance

Typical applications

  • Integration with fire control systems for army applications
  • Ideal for integration with helicopter platforms

Typical performance

  • Pulse repetition rate 12.5 Hz
  • Extinction ratio 47 dB
  • Beam divergence 1.2 mrad
  • Pulse energy 25 mJ
  • Range resolution 2.5 m
  • Range accuracy 4 m
  • Alignment 0.2 mrad
  • Weight < 12 kg
  • Size: 480x230x160 mm


Ambient temperature range

Operation: –30oC to +55oC

Storage: –40oC to +70oC


RS422 signal interface




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