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Who is beneath the surface? DD90 detects and monitors submerged intruders – such as divers and swimmer-delivery vehicles – entering maritime areas, or moving in the vicinity of critical infrastructure objects.

Sit back and monitor anything that turns up:

  • DD90 provides the operator with fully automatic detection of any moving underwater objects.
  • The principle of our advanced software and algorithms, in combination with relatively low end (low cost) sonar, prepares for cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability.
  • Additional sensors can be deployed in order to cover an extended area at a limited cost. Multiplicity of sensors also provides increased fault- and sabotage tolerance.
  • The system performance can be either enhanced or reduced to meet specific customer requirements. This is possible due to the scalability and modular architecture of the system, e.g. simply by changing the wet-end with the plug and play principle.



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Saab’s offering includes solutions for mine hunting, direct engagement, maritime security, underwater surveillance and unmanned missions. All of our underwater security systems are prepared for integration into a network centric environment.

Since more than 90 per cent of global trade is carried by sea, securing operations in the maritime environment poses greater challenges than ever. With Saab as your partner you will have access to a large number of systems enabling higher security and more efficient operations. What is more, you will be able to draw upon our vast experience of systems integration.

PDDS360 detects and monitors submerged intruders, such as divers and Swimmer Delivery Vehicles.
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