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  • Meet challenging and exciting tasks at the forefront of technology.
  • Push the boundaries of what is considered technologically possible.
  • Collaborate with colleagues around the world.

Share our challenge – to make the world a safer place.


Saab serves the global market of governments, authorities and corporations with over 500 products, services and solutions ranging from military defence to civil security. 



Saab is also a company with opportunities. A company where we see diversity as an asset and where you can influence your own development. We invest in our leaders, we encourage internal mobility, we identify and nurture talents, and we provide international opportunity. What is your next step?



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Meet Our People

Work at Saab

The Thinking Edge

It’s our thinking that makes the biggest difference; thinking that’s innovative, collaborative and pragmatic. And it’s the products and solutions that emerge from our thinking that give us a distinct advantage over our competitors - our thinking edge.


Since Saab was started, we have strived to keep society and people safe. It is a basic human need to feel safe and, as we see it, a human right. Through systems and solutions that increase security, we can make this possible. We share values which are inherited from generation to generation and reflect the company’s soul. 

Development & Learning

As an employee at Saab you are offered unparelled development possibilities. Through our performance driven culture you can influence your own development. We invest in our leaders, we encourage internal mobility, we identify and nurture talents, and we provide international opportunity. What is your next step?

Job Opportunities

We #loveboringmondays

Sometimes we all take the simple things in life, like our Monday morning routine, for granted. But when you think of it, a boring Monday morning could mean everything is as it should be. Normal. Secure. In today’s complex and turbulent world, Saab is constantly working to anticipate and respond - to keep you and your society safe. Our way of thinking protects your way of life. Featured in this film is Jakob, a Gripen pilot at Saab. Do you also want a job that helps keeping society safe?

Meet our people

Andreas - Production Manager

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


My department work with composite parts, ailerons, for the aviation industry including Boeing and Airbus.


What do you think it takes to be successful at Saab?

Among our employees we have incredible amounts of knowledge in everything we do. It is important to take advantage of this and it is everyone’s responsibility to do so.

For me it is crucial to keep a balance between my work and personal life, because when I feel good I perform well.


Discribe the culture?

From day one as a new employee I was made to feel involved and encouraged to reflect and give my thoughts about decisions.

Karin - Software Developer

 M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering 


I work with flight simulators. Besides the aircraft itself, there are various objects moving on the screen such as other aircraft, vehicles and boats. I work on creating them and making sure they behave the way they are supposed to.


What do you enjoy most about working at Saab?

I really enjoy seeing how the system is used. It’s a great reminder that what we do at our offices is actually being used somewhere else. For example, I have done troubleshooting at one of our military units. But the main thing that stands out is that I get to fly the flight simulators a lot, and that never gets old!

Hans - Head of Country Unit Africa

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Officer/Colonel SwAF, Fighter Pilot

I feel strongly that the Security and Defence Industry function as a guarantee for the good in the world and for the basic human right to feel safe.


What advice would you give to someone applying for a job in your department?

Be prepared! You’re most likely going to have to hit the floor running. It’s an extremely dynamic environment where very few days are alike. You’ll be dealing with the full spectrum of tasks that concern any world leading high tech Industry … you will not look at your watch to see if it’s time to go home … you will be swept up in the action and it’s just great! 

Students and young professionals

Saab Graduate Leadership Programme

The Saab Graduate Leadership Programme is a career boost for recent graduates and young professionals who have the potential and desire to become future leaders at Saab. You will gain a unique holistic view of the company and a broad network both inside the company and beyond.

Master Thesis

Saab offers stimulating, challenging, developmental thesis subjects in a climate of innovation. Many thesis work subjects cover new fields, where students will face a great deal of fascinating problems and challenges. Thesis work placement at Saab will inspire and spur on to great things in a future career.


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