IGE day is an initiative started by female engineers and engineering students in order to increase interest in technology and engineering amongst girls in Sweden. Companies and organisations are all encouraged to participate, as they will have a chance to arrange activities for young women and offer them insight into what it means to be an engineer and work with technology.


Saab is a proud sponsor of the whole initiative and each year we take in over 100 girls in different cities.


The event is an initiative arranged by the organisation Womengineer, which works towards increasing the number of females enrolled in engineering courses. They are supported by the National Engineers Week Foundation, which has organised the American version of the event over the last few years

Purpose and Aim

Statistics Sweden (SCB) foresees a substantial lack of technicians and engineers in the coming years. Saab regards this as a future challenge in terms of recruitment. The statistics also show that this vocational group is predominantly male-dominated. Saab strives for diversity because we recognise that this drives innovation and performance. Since engineering is a male-dominated profession, Womengineer admits that it can often be difficult to define what an engineer does, and does not accurately reflect the reality of the profession for younger target groups. The aim of the Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is to offer young women an opportunity to understand the work done by engineers, allow them to meet and coordinate with female engineers and, hopefully, provide them with ideas and role models for a future technical career.

IGE Day at Saab

During their visit, the girls will gain insight into defence and security products at the forefront of technology. The visits will be tailored to Saab operations specific to the locality. The girls will be able to take part in competitions, see products, test programs and participate in workshops for example. The idea is naturally to meet and be inspired by Saab engineers who are passionate about their awesome jobs! We hope to be able to demonstrate our love for technology and innovation, and we hope to inspire them to pursue these possibilities.

 If you would like to learn more and sign up for the visit, please follow the link: