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Andreas Björkenor
Marketing & Sales
  • Superior mobility
  • Single vehicle configuration
  • Deploys in less than 2 min

ARTHUR is a highly mobile weapon locating system, tactically deployed close to the forward line of own troops. Within the battlefield sectors or areas of interest it will rapidly detect and track artillery projectiles and calculate points of origin and points of impact.

Based on these calculations priorities are made and directions are provided for effective counter-battery fire. In fire control mode, ARTHUR will track the projectiles of own fire and extrapolate the points of impact. In Sense & Warn mode, extrapolation of points of impact of incoming fire will trigger timely warning to own troops.


  • Enables accurate counter-battery fire within seconds
  • Covers a distance of 60 km and can report >100 targets/min
  • Provides adjustment of own fire
  • Provides warning of incoming fire
  • Offers battle-proven high reliability and maintainability

Effective engagement

In eliminating or greatly reducing the availability and fire support effect of an adversary’s artillery, he is forced from a state of acting into one of reacting. As that happens, the battlefield initiative will shift in your favour.


The ARTHUR radar continuously searches the horizon and immediately tracks projectiles early in the trajectory. Gun, mortar or rocket projectiles are automatically classified and correctly associated to batteries. Within seconds less than 4s ARTHUR will send a call for fire message to your own artillery command and control system, effectively coordinating precise counter-battery fire.


ARTHUR has an instrumented range of 20, 30, 40 or 60 km. It operates over a nominal sector of up to an 120°. The sustained maximum capacity for detection, tracking, classifi cation and impact calculation is well over 100 targets per minute.


The ARTHUR fire control mode is used to register the points of impact of own artillery fire. The mode is
selected manually or automatically by an incoming data message from the command and control system.
ARTHUR tracks and calculates mean positions of own points of impact and automatically sends a message
back containing precise correction data for fire adjustment.


ARTHUR extrapolates – in real time – the trajectory of all incoming projectiles to determine the point of impact. Should the calculated impact reside within defined Critical Friendly Zones (CFZ), ARTHUR will trigger timely warning. Thereby both force and asset protection is assured.


Launched in 1999, ARTHUR is operational in twelve countries, among them Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, South Korea, Spain, Italy, Greece and the UK. The system has been proven in wartime service with the British forces in the second Gulf War in 2003 and served with British and other forces in operations
in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it was used in 24/7 combat operations. Its recorded inherent availability is more than 99.9%.


ARTHUR is designed with unique transportability and ease of operation in mind. The entire system is installed in an ISO-cornered shelter weighing only 4500 kg. This means it can be carried by any single cross-country truck or tracked vehicle with a 5-tonne payload capacity. It also implies high speed for on-road transport as well as high offroad mobility.

The system can be airlifted by a single C-130 using standard equipment for container handling. With larger aircraft, such as the IL-76, C-17 or A400M, all versions can be transported as drive-on/drive-off cargo.

Designed for a high degree of automation, two operators/soldiers can perform both deployment and teardown of ARTHUR in less than two minutes.


ARTHUR will itself be a high-priority target. Survival limits the useful operating time at any single deployment site to 10-30 minutes, depending on the threat level. Deploying in only two minutes maximises the useful operating time at a given physical location without jeopardising system survival. The antenna aperture consists of 48 slotted ridge waveguides, effectively implementing a built-in functional redundancy. Should the antenna be partially hit by small-arms fire or shrapnel, remaining waveguides will stay functional and offer true graceful functional degradation.

The system has low infrared (IR) and electronic warfare (EW) signatures, which makes it harder to detect and hit with thermal or radar-seeking weapons.


ILS is an important part of the system delivery and will form the basis for future maintenance. Saab ILS experts have solid experience in tailoring ILS deliveries together with customers worldwide.

Arthur camp photo 300_200

A world class line-up

All Saab radars combine battle-proven designs from the renowned ERIEYE (AEW), ARTHUR and GIRAFFE AMB product families. Saab offers a full range of high-performing radar systems for a multitude of applications and mission types.

GIRAFFE Matrix 940_233

Studio radar range line-up 940_220

Technical specification


  • Weapon Location
  • Fire control
  • Sense and Warn




Radar type  Azimuth and Elevation Electrically Scanned
Antenna type  Passive phased array
Frequency  C (G/H)-band
Search sector  120 degrees
Instrumented range  60 km
Capacity  >100 tracks/min
Power Generator   Internal
Climate zones  All climate zones; in-land, costal, desert and artic


ARTHUR technical specification

Look into the future

Saab has been active in defence and security for more than 75 years. Solutions for air, sea and land operations, civil security and commercial aeronautics make us a complete business partner. Working with Saab  means you will benefit from the ultimate synthesis of experience, efficiency and excellence in engineering.

In radar technology we are at the very forefront and offer outstanding capabilities to demanding customers all over the world. In a way you could say that our mission in this field is to help your forces to virtually look into the future. To see before you are seen and to maintain superior situational awareness.

A line of ground-breaking innovations form a track record that proves our ability to sharpen the thinking edge. Making it sharp enough to cut through the barrier of the impossible, strengthening your ability to protect your troops and keep people safe.

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