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The mission of our Contractor Operational Support (COS) is to complement the your training organisation so the unit undergoing training will get maximum out of the exercise. We could man the roles in the exercise control, observer controller fire marker and different role player like civilians on the battle field, OPFOR and media.

Training Advisor

Saab will provide appropriately qualified and experienced ex-military personnel who will undertake the role of training advisor. Selected for their proven track record and recent field experience they will do much to ease the workload of the military staff freeing them to take a more active role in the exercise. They will work in close harmony with the exercise director throughout the planning and execution phases of the exercise, helping to identify the training needs, determine the mission essential tasks and training objectives whilst assisting with co-ordination and control of the exercise and evaluation of the result.

Scenario Developer

Responsible for interpreting and developing the initiatives of the exercise director and training advisor the Saab scenario developer works to transform the training needs into scenarios within the exercise. He will design and develop these so that they support and underpin the training objectives derived from the mission essential task list. He will create, manage and update a library of scenarios which may then be used for a variety of training tasks covering operations up to BG level.

Audio/Visual Director

The A/V director is responsible for developing plans and instructions that will ensure the capture of mission critical events throughout the exercise; bringing to the task an intuitive understanding of the way in which exercise events will develop. Then by controlling and directing video teams tasked to capture the performance of the troops undergoing training, he will provide illustration and evidential feedback vital to the success of the after-action review (AAR).

Assistant Training Analyst

Utilising a thorough understanding of the training objectives the assistant training analyst will collate all the relevant data from information gathered from a variety of different sources throughout the exercise. The data is then examined and refined in order to produce an impartial AAR presentation that evaluates critical performance and focuses on specific teaching points of training.


Analyst Operator

By closely monitoring the movements and activity of the exercise players the analyst operator is able to provide support to the exercise director, keeping him in close touch with the developing situation and alerting him of critical events. He notes and highlights significant actions and occurrences for later reference and their possible use in AAR. He also works in close co-operation with the military staff to plan and activate indirect fire missions, triggering them as directed.


Saab can provide well trained, experienced ex-soldiers who will be responsible for ensuring that the exercise meets its training objectives. By working in partnership with the tactical organization undergoing training they are able to monitor all facets of the exercise and will provide the exercise director with the level of situational awareness required so that he may adjust the exercise activity and tempo as necessary. They will provide vital independent feedback and contribute to the AAR as well as produce input for the Post Exercise Report (PXR).

Fire Marker

For a simulation exercise to be entirely effective it must also utilise noise and visual stimulus to convince the soldiers that they are in combat situation. Saab will provide an efficient means of generating noise and smoke to indicate the presence of artillery and mortar fire or of exploding mines. Their fire marker teams will plan, prepare and initiate those effects to provide a realistic representation of indirect fire, minefield and NBC simulation; where and when required.

EXCON Operator Technician

Saab’s Operator Technicians take responsibility for the preparation of the EXCON environment and will ensure that it functions efficiently on a day to day basis throughout the exercise – 24/7. These tasks include the maintenance of the exercise database and ensuring that data is properly organized and stored for later use so that it is readily available for use in AAR, PXR or Take Home Packages.

Opposing Force (OPFOR)

Saab can provide skilled OPFOR role players who are able to accurately emulate real life enemies and so create a more realistic experience for their training opponents. The use of such personnel enhances training realism and stimulates soldiers to react appropriately to threat situations that may involve conventional troops, irregular forces, terrorists or insurgents. Dressed and armed in the appropriate manner the OPFOR will have been trained to accurately portray the desired threat, taking account of cultural considerations, language and behaviour variables. 

Civilians On the Battlefield (COB)

Saab is able to further enhance the soldiers training experience by providing an authentic civilian presence on the battlefield. Fully trained, costumed role players are organised and controlled to replicate a wide variety of personnel from local police and tribal leaders to relief workers and refugees. Where appropriate they will be foreign language speakers and will be carefully chosen for their ability to accurately depict the required ethnic background.


Modern conflicts are rarely conducted without the attention of the worlds TV and Press and often soldiers find themselves in the media spotlight. Saab can help prepare soldiers at all levels for this eventuality by engaging trained TV crews and journalists who will carry out filming of events and conduct on the spot interviews. This coverage can then be transmitted to the unit’s operational centre where commanders and staff will witness the sometimes negative spin put on their soldier’s actions, requiring them to respond by devising an information campaign, conducting press briefings and generally improving their media handling techniques.


Saab will undertake the task of Security Support in order to protect their customers against danger, loss and criminal activity. We will propose a security solution designed to guard against any personnel responsible for breaches of security and adapted to the particular requirements of your programme. Our solutions take account of, but are not confined to, information security, security from danger, theft, fire protection and security during transportation.


Saab can support you by conducting training tasks where the employment of military personnel is not essential. Our thoroughly experienced personnel will carry out instruction in the fitting, preparation and use of our training systems. The objective may be to “train the trainer” by qualifying your instructors to be competent to teach and supervise the exercising troops or our instructors could take on that task directly with minimal military involvement. Periodically, as vehicles and weapon systems are updated, new systems are brought into service, or new instructors are introduced, we will conduct “refresher” training courses and ensure your personnel are completely up to date.


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Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions.

Today’s ground forces are preparing for tomorrow’s demanding missions in which combat strategies must be seamlessly implemented – from open to urban terrain and through a three-block war scenario. Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed to meet the need for enhanced operational capabilities and a higher level of effectiveness.

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