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Saab's joint fires training solution is a concept for training FACs, pilots and C2 levels. It is created to support training of partial tasks as well as complex scenarios including several roles.

The flexibility of Saab’s joint fires training solution enables a variety of configurations where software and hardware modules are combined into customised systems from fixed or container based systems to portable systems. The systems are designed to support initial training, pre-deployment training, as well as currency training and mission rehearsal.

Models of infrastructure and vehicles, humans and a variety of weapon systems enables the creation of realistic scenarios. In addition to CAS training, the system also supports control of direct and indirect fire.

The semiautomatic pilot function enables qualitative FAC training without a real pilot in the loop. Independent of the type of pilot position, a variety of air assets can be controlled, equipped with different sensors, weapons and C2 systems.

Joint Fires Training

Train where you fight
As long as there is geodetic data available, any desired training area can be specified. This enables basic training in specific environments as well as mission rehearsal and drill exercises in a predefined geographical area.

A variety of training cases can be performed in the system, for example:

• CAS and fire support planning
• Target identification
• Execute type 1, 2 and 3 procedures
• Execute visual target talk-on
• Control adverse weather CAS
• Execute IR-pointer/laser/smoke target mark
• Employment of precision guided weapons and non-precision weapons
• Control of indirect fire
• Coordinate attack by multiple fire support systems
• Deconflict fire support and aviation assets
• Integrate CAS with ground scheme of manoeuvre
• Integrate SEAD
• Battle Damage Assessment

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Saab’s training and simulation offering comprises solutions within the live, virtual and constructive domain. All combined with in-depth knowledge in planning, integration and executing mission-specific training solutions.

Today’s ground forces are preparing for tomorrow’s demanding missions in which combat strategies must be seamlessly implemented – from open to urban terrain and through a three-block war scenario. Saab has extensive experience in supporting ground forces with solutions designed to meet the need for enhanced operational capabilities and a higher level of effectiveness.

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