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GAMER Manpack

Man-portable Exercise Control and Evaluation System

Wirless manpack - smaller and more powerful
Mats Alfredsson
Marketing Support Director
+46 36 38 80 00

For smaller instrumented training exercises in open and urban environments, GAMER Manpack is the solution. It is a man-portable, instantly deployable exercise-control-and-evaluation system based around a ruggedised laptop computer and a DAN communication system installed in a carrying system. The system is a derivative of Saab’s GAMER family of deploy­able, mobile and fixed CTC instrumented training systems.


Our products undergo continuous development, allowing opportunities to apply for modernisation and upgrades.


Depending on the type of system, there are financing options such as leasing and renting by the hour.


When it comes to products for simulation and training, our policy focuses on attaining long-term, sustainable development, both by reducing environmental impact in the field and increasing the lifecycle of our products.


GAMER Manpack is designed to support smaller low level combat training exercises, gunnery training exercises, exercise in MOUT/FIBUA (military operations on urban terrain/fight in built-up areas), situ­ational training exercises (STX), convoy protec­tion training and special forces/amphibious exer­cises with similar performance, as a full-scale system but with significantly lower investment costs.


The product supports gunnery and combat training as well as situational training of traditional military tasks and tasks related to OOTW, for example convoy protection training with IEDs. GAMER Manpack can be carried by the instructor, or depending on mobility requirement, installed in a vehicle and therefore capable of moving with the exercise.



GAMER Manpack is designed to flow and shift with the nucleus or area of interest of the training exercise – the radio coverage moves with the ac­tion. The Manpack control system supports long ap­proaches/movements to the objective area. The system is designed to be worn by an observer/controller or carried in a support vehicle. GAMER Manpack is made up of a ruggedised exercise-command-and-control (ECC) laptop and a miniaturised radio base station. It provides a roving exercise player radio coverage of typically one to three kilometres radius and is optimised to sup­port up to approximately eighty real-time players. The ECC node has the same player/map visual display and exercise command and control features as its parent GAMER system, but is specifically tailored to sim­plify one-man-portable operation. 


GAMER Manpack’s ECC node has a powerful Win­dows-based suite of exercise-control tools that enable on-the-spot control of field-simulated indirect fires, minefields, NBC contamination, improvised explo­sive devices (IED) and reactive targets. Exercise players are displayed in 3D against a high-resolution 2D or 3D terrain background, provid­ing a detailed real-time situational view of the battle flow and individual events.

A during-action review/after-action review (DAR/AAR) can be readily conducted at any time using the display screen for a small group, or hooked up to a projector for a larger audience. The exercise can be selectively replayed, zooming in and jumping to sequences and events of interest. There are com­prehensive filters, tracking and statistical tools that enhance the feedback and clear the fog of war.





GAMER Manpack supports instrumented tacti­cal MOUT/FIBUA training when used with Saab’s Urban Training Package. Buildings are displayed in 3D, and instrumented players can be viewed inside – moving from room to room together with the simulated ef­fects of direct/indirect fire and booby traps.



In use

The GAMER Manpack is in use by more than 20 armies around the world. Typical uses are military exercises, Special Forces training, civilian emergency preparedness/response train­ing, power plant protection and Coast Guard harbour protection training.

Technical specification

System supports up to 80 instrumented players

Radio coverage area (terrain dependent)

1 to 2 km communication radius to soldiers 
3 km communication radius to vehicles  

Weight 6 kg

Command and Control presentation

- Real time exercise display
- 2D & 3D terrain 
- 3D player models 
- Area weapon effects 
- AAR tools 
- Instrumented MOUT (add on) 
- Real time exercise display

Set-up time

Less than 15 min

Battery Operating time:

6 hrs

Operating temperature range:

-25 ºC to 60 ºC,

-13º F to 140ºF 

Operating frequency: 340-360 MHz

Manpack System Components 

  • Ruggedised Command and Control laptop
  • Miniaturised radio base station
  • Workstation soft-box (contains laptop/radio)
  • Workstation operator harness
  • Workstation backpack
  • Battery Charger – 110/220/24 V input
  • Vehicle antenna kit
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