Performance-driven culture

A performance-driven culture focused on what is achieved and how it is done is critical to succeed in global competition. It also contributes to motivation and the opportunity for every employee to achieve their potential.

Every employee has an Individual Performance Management Plan. Together with their manager, they identify individual goals, which are also tied to Saab’s business goals. It is crucial that every employee understands how their work contributes to the company’s overarching goals and that personal responsibility also comes with the opportunity for personal development. Performance reviews cover not only whether the employee achieved their goals, but also how, e.g., whether it was done in accordance with Saab’s values. A new online platform which stores individual development plans, Saab Performance Web, was tested in 2015. In addition to simplifying follow-ups, it will make it easier to identify talents and increase internal mobility. The platform will be launched on a broad basis in 2016.