Develop Leaders and Employees

Attracting, retaining and developing employees is critical to Saab’s  business strategy. For employees to reach their potential requires  skilled and committed leaders.

After having completed a development programme for all of Saab’s leaders, it was time in 2015 for a special initiative for other employees called “Employee Boost”. The aim is to strengthen the performance-driven culture and give employees a better understanding of where Saab is headed and what is
expected to achieve the company’s goals. Another aim is to encourage every employee to seize the opportunity to impact the future, their own and  the company’s. The programme covers four areas: having a better business understanding, being more
performance-driven, understanding the importance of internationalisation and diversity, and being a  motivated and engaged employee.


Saab offers many forms of skills and leadership
development, internally and externally. Some training is mandatory for all employees and is offered flexibly and cost efficiently through e-learning. All the courses are available through Saab’s competence portal. A large part of human resource development plays out on a daily basis and in co-operation with colleagues. Saab also endorses learning through networks and mentorships. Opportunities are available
to try out different jobs within the Group, nationally and internationally.


Saab has an established process to identify and develop top talents – Talent Management Review. It includes job rotation within the Group, internal training and various leadership development  programmes.


Saab Graduate Leadership Programme is a customised global trainee programme for recent graduates and young professionals with the potential and desire to become future leaders within Saab. Through the programme participants gain experience working in different parts of the Group, at home and abroad. They also receive leadership training, personal development and the opportunity to build a network of contacts within the Group.