Employee Engagement

Employees who feel proud of and committed to their work and the company perform better and are good ambassadors for Saab as an employer.

In the annual employee survey, no less than 82 percent of respondents said that they are very satisfied working at Saab – a high number compared to many other companies. Their sense of pride in working at Saab is also high. Among the things they are most proud of is Saab’s high technology and breadth of expertise, but also a corporate culture that offers a work-life balance. In 2015, Saab started a special development programme to increase employee engagement.


Proud employees are also the best ambassadors for Saab as an employer. Several Saab employees speak about the company and what they do to students, classes and teachers. The hope is to attract the right talents and, among younger age groups, to foster an interest in technology. Saab’s employees represent the company and brand in their daily work. By living up to Saab’s values, HR policy and Code of Conduct, all employees help Saab to build trust in its business. During the year, the code of conduct and HR policy were both updated.


The culture at Saab and pride to be part of the company are strengthened through opportunities to do something meaningful outside of work. In co-operation with Mattecentrum, employees volunteer to help students with their math homework in their free time. Employees at Saab’s facility in Nanyuki, in central Kenya, support a local orphanage. During the year, Saab also gave employees in Sweden the chance to donate to the orphanage through a payroll deduction. The aim is to create even more opportunities for employees to get involved in supporting education for children and young people, which also gives them valuable experience, a sense of pride and an opportunity to network.