Health and Safety

Saab’s vision that it is a human right to feel safe naturally 
applies to its own employees as well. By working actively with occupational health issues, Saab reduces the risk of accidents, illnesses and workplace injuries in the short and long term.

Saab intensified its work with occupational health and safety during the year. The goal is to have a Group-wide global occupational health and safety process in place by 2020 and to increase internal
awareness of these issues.


In 2015, Saab created a better system to report workplace injuries and incidents, which will be implemented in 2016. Incident reporting is especially important, since it identifies where the risks are and provides an opportunity to prevent them at an early stage. Furthermore, Saab Management Review was updated with a more extensive section on health and safety. This will make it easier to track occupational health and safety work at various levels of the  company. In 2016, managers and HR will receive training in how Saab identifies and assesses occupational health and safety risks. Saab will also develop a more structured approach to assessing such risks in different countries.


Saab encourages its employees to stay active and healthy, including by supporting local sports clubs and utilising the wellness services offered by local occupational health providers. Other health-related activities were implemented during the year at the business area level. This was reflected in the year’s
employee survey, where the share of employees who felt that Saab encourages health and well-being increased from 69 per cent to 71 per cent. As part of Employee Boost, Saab’s managers will be encouraged in 2016 to discuss health issues with their employees based on newly produced material. The aim is to start discussions and activities that can help Saab meet its goal of being a healthy workplace. Maximising performance requires a work-like balance. The year’s employee survey showed that 76 per cent of employees feel  that Saab has a positive attitude toward the need for  a balance between work and a personal life.