Clean Sky

Since 2008, Saab has been participating in the EU project Clean Sky, developing new technology to make aviation more environmentally friendly.

As part of the project, Saab has developed a wing structure that will be integrated into an Airbus A340. A new integrated technology for building composite wings can reduce fuel consumption by five to eight per cent. By curing the shell surface together with the stringers and rib feet, the wing's inner structures can be attached without rivets on the outside. This reduces the turbulent flow over the wing and provides the desired fuel saving. The weight is reduced, which also helps to reduce fuel consumption. The development is part of the sub-project Smart Fixed Wing Aircraft, which is part of the EU's Clean Sky initiative. The collaboration shows Saab's design and production capability and consolidates Saab's role as a major supplier. One big challenge is to scale up the technology and deliver a full size wing as well as meet the ambitious timetable.

By the start of 2015, Airbus will test fly an Airbus A340 using Saab's 9x3 metre wing section to evaluate the technology.