Master thesis: Air Traffic Management Remote Tower

Lediga 05 december 2017

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What you will be a part of

Saab Traffic Management (TM) serves air traffic and marine customers around the globe with advanced solutions that enable the safe and efficient movement of people and goods. There are two operating units within TM: Air Traffic Management (ATM) provides airport surface safety and efficiency systems and tools, tower automation and advanced research, development and evaluation solutions; Maritime Traffic Management (MTM) solutions include Automatic Identification Systems (AIS), port and vessel traffic management information systems (VTMIS), hydrographics, and precision navigation.

Your role

The Remote Tower camera system consists of a number of fixed cameras, corresponding to the “out of the window”-view (OTW) in a regular flight tower, as well as a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera corresponding to a pair of binoculars. On the OTW cameras we have object tracking for airplanes, vehicles, people etc., and also show Radar and other information overlays. The PTZ camera can be controlled either manually or by a tracker, following an object of choice. All software in use in the tower obviously need to run in real time, hence the timing performance is always critical. However, for an analysis of algorithm behavior, real time implementation is not always necessary.

Below are four different areas where we see that thesis works could be made. Of course we want a subject that first of all interests the student, and the final thesis description would be written after discussion with the student.

PTZ Tracker
To facilitate and enhance user awareness a PTZ tracker is used to maintain video focus on aircrafts during movement, both on the ground and in the air. The main component is a video tracking algorithm but it is possible to enhance performance by using other inputs such as positioning and movement modelling. The thesis work would focus on PTZ tracking algorithms and implementing them for a real-time system.

PTZ Video Simulator
For testing and evaluation of the different PTZ applications it is beneficial to be able to create custom scenarios of different types, that can react to user input dynamically and in real-time. It is possible to approach this in several ways but the goal would be to have a simulator that could take user inputs (maneuvering of the PTZ robot), and output an image stream which would depend on the user input. This thesis work would focus on image processing, image encoding and modelling.

Object recognition
Classification of the objects tracked in the OTW is of great use both for the flight controller and for eliminating false tracks. Many algorithms and data training techniques have been proposed in academia and a hybrid implementation is often what is needed I real-world applications. The thesis work would focus on different classification algorithms and ways to train these algorithms on given video sets.

Video stabilization
When a camera is exposed to wind and vibrations it makes the image shaky, which greatly reduces the perceived image quality. This is a widely studied field and many algorithms exist, however not all of them are capable of real-time stabilization which is what need in our applications.  The thesis work would focus on image stabilization and optimization.

Your skills and experience

We are looking for two dedicated applicants interested in imaging and tracking. You are probably studying Complex Adaptive Systems, Computer Science or equivalent. #LI-DNP

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