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About Saab


Business Areas

Saab’s operations are divided into six Business Areas for control and reporting purposes.

Market Areas

Saab competes in the international market, which requires a strong global presence. To meet localised needs, Saab has established Market Area hubs around the world.

Group management and board of directors

Micael Johansson is Saab’s President & CEO. Find out more about Saab’s Group Management and Board of Directors.

Key facts

Employees in 2018

17,096 People

Sales in 2018

33,156 MSEK

Order bookings in 2018

27,975 MSEK

Order backlog, end of 2018

102,184 MSEK

Operating income in 2018

2,266 MSEK

Earnings per share after dilution, SEK

11.21 SEK


Historic milestones

Saab was founded in 1937 and since then we have come a long way. Find out  more about our historic and innovative milestones.

Historic stories

Get a glimpse of the past with our archive of historical stories, including the early days of aircraft production.

Corporate Governance

Saab's Board of directors

Chaired by Marcus Wallenberg, Saab’s Board of directors consists of nine members elected at the Annual General Meeting and three members with deputies appointed by employee unions. The Board’s work is regulated by rules of procedure which are revised annually.

Long-Term Incentive Programmes

The Saab Board of Directors finds it important and in all shareholders’ interest that employees in the Group have a long-term interest in a good value development of the share in the Company.