Real Jobs Real investments

What would you like to accomplish with our partnership? Would you like to see your industry grow? Your region prosper as new companies establish themselves in the area? Or would you rather build future competence through participation in projects or have us share work with local industries? Take your pick: your needs and requirements will form the basis of our offer.

With Saab at your side you are not only joining forces with dedicated professionals committed to meet your every offset obligation and prepared to support the development of a self-reliant and competitive industry.

You will also have access to a powerful network of global business partners with the ability to:

  • Bring you real job opportunities,
  • Provide genuine investments and
  • Give local industries access to unique know-how and state-of-the-art technologies for military and civilian applications.

Co-Operation and Tech Transfer

Traditionally, our industry safeguards its technology and restricts the exchange of knowledge. Today, with our modular, open architecture technology, we are in a position to set our knowledge free and, by way of co-operation and tech transfer agreements, place it at the disposal of our customers and partners.

A key factor in meeting strategic priorities and strengthening the competence is the formation of long-term and direct partnerships between Saab and local industries.

Real Growth and Lasting Benefits

To support industrial progress and genuine economic growth, we have made industrial co-operation and customized partnerships part of our business offering. That way, our solutions represent more than state-of-the-art capabilities – they provide a foundation for job creation, technology transfer and investments paving the way for economic development and national growth.