Remuneration Committee

In accordance with principles set out in the Code, the Board of Directors has appointed a Remuneration Committee consisting of three members: Marcus Wallenberg, Sten Jakobsson and Bert Nordberg. Sten Jakobsson is Chairman of the Committee. All the members are independent of the company and its management.

The Remuneration Committee’s tasks are to prepare the Board’s resolutions on remuneration principles, remuneration and other terms of employment for the Group Management, monitor and evaluate variable remuneration programmes for the Group Management, both ongoing and those ended during the year, and monitor and evaluate the application of the remuneration guidelines for senior executives adopted by the Annual General Meeting as well as the current remuneration structures and levels in the company.

The Remuneration Committee also proposes remuneration guidelines for senior executives to be submitted to the Annual General Meeting following resolution by the Board of Directors.

Matters concerning the employment terms, remuneration and other benefits for the President are prepared by the Remuneration Committee for resolution by the Board. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for interpretation and application of the remuneration guidelines for senior executives.

The Remuneration Committee has no decision-making powers of its own. During 2016, the Remuneration Committee focused especially on issues relating to the company’s long-term incentive programmes, including proposals for minimum and maximum levels for each performance target in the company’s Performance Share Plan as well as the introduction of Special Projects Incentive.

The Remuneration Committee keeps minutes of its meetings, which are distributed to the other members of the Board.

In 2016, the Committee held three meetings. The General Counsel, Annika Bäremo, was secretary to the committee during 2016.


Compensation paid to Saab’s senior executives is indicated in Note 10 on page 102 in the Annual Report 2016.