1939 - Saab takes over competitor ASJA

ASJA and Saab competed with each other to build a reconnaissance aircraft for the Swedish Air Force. Although the order went to ASJA, the company’s activities were effectively taken over by Saab in early 1939 and what subsequently evolved into a single-engined light bomber, Aircraft 17, became an exclusively Saab project. In all, 322 aircraft were built. Saab’s next design was Aircraft 18, a twin-engined medium-heavy bomber, of which 242 were built.


1938 - Saab wins license to build Junkers bombers

Saab completed its new factory in Trollhättan and won a license to build the Junkers Ju86K medium-heavy bomber, designated B3 in the Swedish Air Force. ASJA commenced the manufacture under license of a single-engined light fighter-bomber, the American Northrop 8A-1, known in Sweden as the B5.


1937 - SAAB is founded

In April, a new company - Svenska Aeroplan AB, later to be known as SAAB - was announced with registered offices in Trollhättan. One of the parties involved in the discussions from the outset, ASJ (AB Svenska Järnvägsverkstäderna), was requested to expand its Linköping facilities so that its aircraft division, ASJA, would be able to accommodate future orders.


1936 - Promotion of the establishment of a domestic defence industry.

The Swedish Government decides to promote the establishment of a domestic defense industry.