Saab J 32B Lansen

Saab J 32B Lansen

1955 - First flight of the Draken

After much research, including flight-testing of a 70 percent scale aircraft, the first prototype of the innovative double-delta Draken flew in late 1955 and Sweden’s first Mach 2 fighter was a reality.

1952 - Saab enters the electronic age

In 1952, the Lansen flew for the first time and, over a Swedish Air Force career that lasted until 1997, became a very popular and versatile aircraft. Including the seven prototypes, 449 Lansens were built. The Lansen marked Saab’s entry into the electronic age.

From now on, aircraft were to become more and more complex in terms of their systems and, in the case of combat aircraft, their weapons. In addition to airframes, Saab also designed and manufactured undercarriages, control systems, autopilots, navigation and sighting equipment, etc., not only for its aircraft but also for early generation missiles.