First flight Saab 37 Viggen 8 February 1967.

First flight Saab 37 Viggen 8 February 1967.

1979 - First order of RBS15

Since the first order of the RBS15 surface to surface missile in 1979, the system has been updated and moderized regularly, the latest generation, RBS15 Mk3, features subsonic cruise and all-weather capability.


1978 - Sweden sees the need for a new multi-role aircraft

In 1978, the Government decided that the Swedish Air Force needed a new multi-role aircraft for the turn of the century. At the same time as the Swedish aerospace industry was defining a new project, the Air Force made an evaluation of existing foreign aircraft such as the American F-16 and F-18.

1974 - Exports of Saab MFI 15/17

In 1974, Pakistan became the first major customer for the Saab MFI-15/17, built by MFI which had been acquired by Saab in 1968. Pakistan also produced the aircraft under licence. Denmark and Norway followed and, in all, some 300 aircraft were built. 

1971 - First Viggen delivered

In April 1968 the Government authorized Viggen production. The first aircraft was delivered in July 1971. In all, 329 Viggens were eventually built in attack, trainer, two reconnaissance versions and the more powerful fighter variant that included new avionics, new air-to-air missiles and Europe’s first pulse-Doppler radar.

1970 - Development of the first Giraffe AMB

In the 1970:s the first Giraffe AMB system was developed, today the system is widely used by customers around the world and is a powerful and cost-effective 3D surveillance radar system intended for short and medium-range air-defence systems.