1988 - Introduction of Saab 2000

On 15 December 1988, Saab presented a new commercial sensation in the form of the Saab 2000 high-speed turboprop. With a jet-like cruise speed of 670 km/h, the Saab 2000 is the fastest turboprop airliner on the market. Combined with a range of 2,340 km, this makes it very competitive both over short and medium distances. The prototype Saab 2000 was rolled out at the end of 1991 and the first production aircraft was delivered in August 1994 for airline service with launch customer Crossair.

The company rapidly established itself as a world leader in the turboprop regional airliner market. American Airlines (AMR Eagle) shortly signed the largest-ever order for regional aircraft, 50 Saab 340s. A logical development of this highly successful 30/37-seater, the Saab 2000 can carry up to 58 passengers.


1987 - Saab celebrates 50 years and performs first Gripen tests

At Saab’s 50th anniversary celebrations in April 1987, the first Gripen test aircraft was rolled out.


1984 - Saab-Fairchild SF-340 into service

The Saab-Fairchild SF-340 went into service with Crossair of Switzerland in 1984. The same year, following Fairchild’s withdrawal from the project, Saab assumed overall control of what was from then on to be known as the Saab 340. By the end of production in 1999, more than 400 aircraft had been delivered to some 40 operators all over the world.


1983 - First flight for the Saab-Fairchild SF-340

The first prototype of the Saab-Fairchild SF-340 made its maiden flight on 25 January 1983, three years to the day from signature of the agreement with Fairchild.


1980 - Development of the Saab-Fairchild SF-340

On 25 January 1980, Saab and Fairchild Industries of the USA announced their decision to go ahead with a joint definition of a twin-turboprop regional airliner seating about 30 passengers. Preceded by several years of project and market studies by each partner, this historic decision led directly to development of what was then called the Saab-Fairchild SF-340.


1980 - Development of the first Arthur

Arthur is a standalone C-band medium-range weapon-locating system that detects and locates enemy fire.