1998 - StriC in operation

StriC is an air surveillance and tactical fighter control system.

1993 First order BOL

BOL is a high capacity CM dispenser for chaff or flares, giving pilots the sustained defensive capability needed to successfully accomplish missions.

1992 - 1993 New orders for the Gripen

In 1992, the Swedish Government decided to order the second batch of Gripens and also launched development of the two-seat version, a small number of which were to be among the 110 aircraft in this batch. Also in 1992, the Gripen visited a Swedish Air Force base for the first time. The base, F7 Wing at Såtenäs, was destined to become home for the first two Gripen squadrons.

1992 - ANZAC combat management systems for Australia’s frigates

1990 - Sea Giraffe AMB is launched

Giraffe AMB is a flexible series of modular surveillance systems. Fully fitted, the system includes capabilities for simultaneous air defence, air and sea surveillance, air/land integration, military air traffic control and rocket, artillery and mortar alert.

1990 - First laser simulator BT 46

BT 46 is a gunnery and combat training simulator for all direct fired weapons. Typical applications is different anti-tank weapons, weapons on vehicles and helicopters.

1990 - Saab Automobile formed

Saab Automobile was formed and General Motors came in as part-owners. This separated car manufacturing from other activities at Saab Scania. Some years later, aerospace and vehicle operations were separated into Saab and Scania.