2008 - First flight for Gripen Demo

2006 - Saab acquires Ericsson Microwave Systems (EMW)

During the year Saab strengthened its position through a number of strategically important acquisitions, of which the largest was the acquisition of Ericsson Microwave Systems.

2006 - Saab 2000 AEW&C

The Saab 2000 ERIEYE AEW&C surveillance system enables outstanding control over both land and sea, even under heavy jamming conditions. 

2005 - Saab acquires Grintek

Saab acquires Grintek,  New Saab investment in Grintek to boosts South African exports in the high-tech sector.


2005 - Contract for Neuron

A decision was made during the year on Sweden’s involvement in the Neuron program, which means Saab will be working with the European aviation industry to develop an advanced unmanned aerial vehicle


2004 - Installation of RAKEL

In the Swedish market for civil security work began on the Rakel project, a new shared radio communication system for Sweden’s safety and security authorities.


2002 - First contract NLAW

First contract for NLAW Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon. 


2000 - Saab acquires Celsius

In 2000 Saab acquired defense group Celsius and became Sweden’s dominant defence industry. The result was a stronger, more complete company with a sizable market presence and double the sales. The “new” Saab, created by the merger, was launched in March.