Welcome to Saab in the Czech Republic

Saab has been a trusted supplier to the Czech Armed Forces for more than a decade. Saab Technologies s.r.o. was established in 2007, and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Saab AB, of Sweden.

Saab has delivered to the Czech Armed Forces various products from its wide portfolio, including the Arthur weapon locating system, a tactical combat simulator with programmed for the Pandur vehicle - BT-46, the RBS 70 air defence system and several projects within the civil security area. The Czech Air Force has successfully operated a fleet of 14 Saab JAS -39 C/D Gripen multi-role fighters since 2005.

Saab Technologies s.r.o. continually seeks to promote the products and services of Saab's entire portfolio in the Czech environment, and provides full support to its Czech customers throughout the lifetime of the Saab products they have acquired.

Saab Czech s.r.o. is the local subsidiary of Saab Dynamics, which produces world-leading products in the area of Training and Simulation, and which currently employs approximately 100 people in Slavkov u Brna.