Saab supplier portal

Saab is a technological leader carrying out product development in close cooperation with suppliers and customers all over the world. We value a close, efficient and long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers and are proud of what we have achieved together over the past 75 years.

Saab’s Suppliers

As a supplier to Saab you will contribute to our success when you are innovative, agile, skillful and efficiently managed. Saab’s customers are spread globally and so are you as a supplier.

Category Management

The aim of Saab Group is to leverage the Group’s consolidated purchasing power, create significant cost reductions and minimize the supplier base through Category Management. Saab has divided its purchased products and services into categories which are fundamental for a correct spend tool and enables an effective category management approach.

The categories cover both direct and indirect material. Each category has a Category Team managed by a Category Account Manager (CAM) and have team members, representing both sourcing and product development, from all business areas.

Category Management focus on the Saab Group buying pattern to enforce the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and  provides common way of handling spend and managing suppliers.

Furthermore it encourages and drives harmonization and standardization of products and services.

Continuous Improvements

Saab is continuously working to improve strategies within the areas of Supply Chain Management, Relationship Management, Organizational Alignment, Process Methods and Tools, Competence Development and Category Management.