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Welcome to the Saab Brand Portal

Welcome to the Saab Brand Portal. The aim of the Brand Portal is to help you create clear, compelling communications which portray the Saab brand faithfully and consistently in all channels. In this portal you will find information on our Brand Essence and communications framework along with guidelines, examples and templates to help you build your communications. Everyone involved in communication activities at Saab is responsible for ensuring that the principles and guidelines in the Brand Portal are followed. If you are uncertain of how to interpret any of the guidelines here, it is important that you get into contact with one of the contacts shown in the contacts section. For the Brand Portal to be an efficient resource, it is important that we get your feedback. You are more than welcome to comment on the contents!

The Saab brand

When Saab was founded in 1937, our primary aim was to provide military aircraft for Sweden. Now, we operate across the world, and across an ever-wider range of products, sectors and customers. But we’re still Saab. And wherever and whenever people come into contact with Saab, we want them to understand what we stand for, and what binds all our business operations together.

To achieve this goal, we have a simple ‘brand platform’ which should help you to present Saab clearly and consistently, to all our audiences and in all our communications across the world.

Why is this important? Because everything we say and everything we do will either strengthen or weaken our brand. And a strong brand makes for a stronger and more profitable company.

How we communicate

Portraying Saab in a clear and consistent way requires flexible communications that can respond to the different needs and expectations of everyone we come in contact with, through whichever channel they see us.


These elements are the fundamentals that set the framework of our visual identity. Clear and simple in their form they identify Saab as the originator of the communication units. Consistency is important and these elements must never be altered or further developed.


There is one single logotype for the entire Saab Group. It is a strong and constant icon that keeps the brand together. The optional descriptor mark is a complement to be used in external marketing opportunities.


Colors have a strong impact on people, both associative and psychological, and are therefore important for a company's visual identity. The base colors are two shades of grey, white and four accent colors: yellow, sand, blue and red. Accent colors and are used to highlight certain items of special interest.


There are two different kinds of typography, branding typography used for producing print and professional media and the other one, typography for use in Office programs.


Our photography is a key element of our visual identity – it is an expression of our brand and connects us to our audience through a truly distinctive style.

To ensure a consistent and effective approach to imagery within our communications, we have developed this short guide to help you select (and where appropriate retouch) imagery. The principles described must be followed whenever sourcing, commissioning or creating new Saab imagery.

Single perspective images

When using imagery from an image bank or creating new images, you should adhere to the image principles that make our imagery distinctive. Guidelines for use are found under each sub page.

Multi perspective images

These image types bring together multiple perspectives by merging multiple images into a single image, demonstrating how our thinking edge lets us see different sides of a story.

motion graphics

Motion graphics will play an increasingly important part in Saab’s communication. There’s a showreel, for input on timing, motion patterns, the grid and suggestions on typographic movements.

Best practice

Want To optimise images so that they are in line with Saab's visual identity and Brand Essence? Here you can learn about our cropping, colouration and recomposing.

Image principles

In order to maintain the quality of Saab images, there are some common mistakes which can easily be avoided.

Help & FAQs pages

Saab definitions

What does Saab mean by the definition Product brand? How do we define Visual identity? Go through our list of Saab definitions.


For questions on how to create and produce communications in line with the Saab brand, please don't hesitate to contact us.