There is one single logotype for the entire Saab Group. It is a strong and constant icon that keeps the brand together. The optional descriptor mark is a complement to be used in external marketing opportunities.

Our logotype consists of a fixed combination of the symbol with the name Saab located to the right.

In the Saab brand there is an inherent motion: from military defence to civil security, from high tech to the individual, from history to future, from product to system, from action to safety. So having the single logotype signifies both that it is one company, one Saab, and that it is constantly moving forward.

The logotype represents the technological edge and forward-mindedness that Saab stands for. It is an ever-present visual communicator and shall always be present as the sender in all information and presentation materials, in advertisements, on company printed matter as well as on our buildings and at our exhibition displays.

The logotype is used by Saab AB and all business units within the Saab Group. Some jointly owned companies may have a separate logotype which must be based on legally binding owner agreements. Approval is required from Saab Corporate Communications.