How we communicate

Portraying Saab in a clear and consistent way requires flexible communications that can respond to the different needs and expectations of everyone we come in contact with, through whichever channel they see us.

So we’ve developed a communications framework that is relevant to all our stakeholders, from our employees and partners to governments and other customers. can be tailored to their varying needs and expectations. In The Framwork example, at the bottom of the page,  we connect ‘stakeholder contexts’ and ‘stakeholder narratives’. To ensure consistency, the framework has our brand Essence at its core.

So what are contexts and narratives? A stakeholder context is a key issue that concerns our stakeholders. It is connected to a stakeholder narrative, which is a storyline that describes how Saab are addressing that issue to deliver a positive outcome. You can see the spectrum of contexts and narratives that emanate from our Essence in the diagram below.

In creating your communications materials you can use these contexts and narratives flexibly. Once you understand their sentiment, you can articulate them in your own words  or you can use the phrases we’ve written to the left.