Applications The basics

The visual identity consists of

  • Logotype
  • Two sets of colours (base and accent)
  • Typography
  • Design elements
  • Images

Detailed information can be found in the Elements and Imagery sections.

All the different parts revolve around the logotype in some way, in order to create a strong sense of continuity and unity.

To make these different parts of the identity work together in print and professional media, there are both basic and media specific guidelines to follow.

Using a lot of open space to create an open and dynamic aesthetic is an overriding principle to follow.

In the templates for printed matter available for download, all the rules outlined concerning typography, logotype placements and so on, have been pre-set, for user convenience.

Please always refer to the How we communicate section before developing your communication material.

When briefing internal teams or external agencies to develop communication material, please download and fill in the Briefing Template.