Interaction with other brands

On a general note, we encourage restraint when it comes to including other visual identities in our own communication.

The loss is often greater than the gain. Adding confusion to an already complex business situation is rarely good.

When, despite this, Saab wants to flaunt its collaborations we have a strict system for dealing with

  • the trademarks of other companies.
  • the visual identities of companies completely or partly owned by Saab.
See these rules of thumb as guidance:

When Saab owns a project of more than 50 percent, we say that Saab is "lead". The project/campaign/collaboration communicates with Saab as sender and our visual identity.

When Saab is an equal partner and the coordinator of a project/campaign/collaboration, we call Saab for "Lead". Saab is the sender and we use our visual identity, but with the project/campaign/collaboration's own name in focus.

When Saab cooperates with partners who own the project/campaign/collaboration, we say that Saab is the "passenger". The project/campaign/collaboration uses the owner's sender and visual identity. Saab's logo or name should be included.


Saab performs and owns the project to more than 50%

Saab is the coordinator of the project

Saab in collaboration with another partner who owns the project

Saab is the sender

Saab is the sender with the project's name in focus and the partners' logos

The partner is the sender

Saab's visual identity to 100%

Saab's visual identity as far as possible

The partner's identity

Example: Saab in collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces 

Example: Gripen Partnership Summit is a collaboration between Saab and Adani 

Example: Embraer in collaboration with Saab


It is of uttermost importance that these guidelines are read, understood and followed. If ever in doubt, please contact Saab Group Communications, see the contact list for the brand management team.