Interior Design

The Saab brand conveys a movement: from defence to civil security, from advanced technology to usability, between history and future, from product to system, between safety and action.

The fundamental task is to convey the movement expressed in the design platform without losing the clean and straight-forward approach.


Clean, modern materials
We use materials and furniture that reflects the Saab brand quality, precision, contemporary and high tech feel with an edge. Following the logic of Saab’s overall visual identity, the choice of materials, details and surfaces should be simple and uncluttered. All materials should have a matte finish. Avoid vivid patterns, complex surface textures, retro design, and gold or copper imitations.

  • Corian: Deep Night Sky and Antarctica
  • MDF: Valcromat Black and/or Valcromat Light Grey
  • Carpet: Bolon, Graphic

Saab’s colour scheme is based on a series of cool greys. Together with pitch black, consider these as the foundation or backdrop for all interior design, including paint jobs, textiles and furniture. Use the yellow cautiously for extreme highlights, if at all.

  • Primary colour is black
  • Complementary colours are dark grey & light grey
  • Accent colours are yellow & warm white