Saab merchandise

Saab merchandise to hand out to customers or other interested parties should always be chosen with the utmost care.

Everything we give away must contribute to the creation of a positive and uniform experience of Saab, thus making our total communication more effective.

Giving the right Saab gift to the right person at the right occasion can actually help us win business. It should also strengthen and support our brand and our core values: Ambition, Expertise and Trust. So think hard and answer these three basic questions before deciding on a promotional item:

  • Why?
  • To whom?
  • What?



1. Why?

Always start by clarifying the purpose of the planned P I (Promotion Item).
What is it supposed to achieve? How is the recipient supposed to react? Can the results be measured? And if so; how?

2. To whom?

Before choosing a specific P I, always define the target group. Doing so increases the chances of it being perceived as more personalized.
So who is the recipient, the person that we want our P I to appeal to? A woman or a man? Age? How many recipients are there? What is their relationship to Saab (the company, the product, the service, the customer benefit)? Under what circumstances will the recipient/-s receive our P I?
It is beneficial, for clarity’s sake, to define and describe the target group as a single individual.

3. What?

After defining the “Who”, look for relevance. A P I has greater effect when the recipient understands its purpose.
So on a hot trade show it is probably more relevant to hand out a bottle of cool, refreshing water than yet another key ring.
The chosen P I should be relevant in terms of target group size, level of personal contact and the recipient’s circumstances. Preferably it should also have some connection to the customer benefit that is the focus of the meeting or contact situation.
Any cultural differences that might possibly affect how the P I is received also need to be taken into account. Always make sure to follow the legal restrictions in each market, as to maximum allowed value of a P I and so on.

You can order your promotional items in the Saab Brand Store.