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Do you want to code for a submarine, develop future capabilities to secure airports, project lead a system integration for Gripen, design the human machine interface for a radar, calculate ballistics for a robot or build a submarine? Did you know that almost every type of job is represented amongst our employees?
Which one interests you?

Job Opportunities

We #loveboringmondays

Sometimes we all take the simple things in life, like our Monday morning routine, for granted. But when you think of it, a boring Monday morning could mean everything is as it should be. Normal. Secure. In today’s complex and turbulent world, Saab is constantly working to anticipate and respond - to keep you and your society safe. Our way of thinking protects your way of life. Featured in this film is Jakob, a Gripen pilot at Saab. Do you also want a job that helps keeping society safe?

Featured jobs

Build the future here!

Like to turn 3D in to reality. Love to get your hands on some of the world’s most complex systems? Look no more!


Available jobs in Manufacctruring & Production

Like Puzzles?

Perfect. We already have some smart brains working on them and if you are a creative, curious, focused kind of person, we need you to join them. Your ideas will power our platforms to fly, dive, protect and detect to the maximum. Up for the challenge?


Available jobs in Engineering

Empowering business

Servers, storage, networks, clients, applications, systems and databases: is this an environment for you? Would you fancy the challenge of listening to what people say they want and figuring out what they really need? Love to support and maintain networks? Join the service!

Available jobs in Information Technology services

Meet our people

Andreas - Production Manager

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering


"For me it is crucial to keep a balance between my work and personal life, because when I feel good I perform well. I recognise that there is a strong link and if I can spread positive energy to others, I can improve performance. "



Karin - Software Developer

 M.Sc. in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering 


"I work with flight simulators. Besides the aircraft itself, there are various objects moving on the screen such as other aircraft, vehicles and boats. I work on creating them and making sure they behave the way they are supposed to."


Hans - Head of Country Unit Africa

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Officer/Colonel SwAF, Fighter Pilot


"Dedication, a strong work ethic and courage in the sense of taking on challenges and tasks that might not at first be something completely familiar to you."


Saab Graduate Leadership Programme

The Saab Graduate Leadership Programme is an excellent opportunity for a recent graduate to gain a large network and a holistic view of the company, the job and leadership.

Master Thesis

Saab offers stimulating, challenging, developmental thesis subjects in a climate of innovation. Many thesis work subjects cover new fields, where students will face a great deal of fascinating problems and challenges. Thesis work placement at Saab will inspire and spur on to great things in a future career.

Summer Job

Every year, Saab in Sweden and other countries takes on hundreds of temporary employees from high schools, colleges and universities. Working for Saab in the summer holidays provides great opportunities to get to know the organisation and to share experiences with Saab employees.

For more information, follow the link below. Available positions are posted on the vacancies page. Choose position type "Student".


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  • 07 May 2014

    "The combination of advanced technology and operational effect at a reasonable price makes Gripen E an aircraft that few, if any, can compete with. Saab and Gripen E are at the top of the league when it comes to the capabilities that the aircraft is designed for, and we have already shown in demonstrations that we can achieve the required performance. This is an aircraft for the future."

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  • 06 May 2014

    Our focus is long term. To stay ahead in a competitive environment; we’re always thinking one step into the future. That’s why we invest over 28% of our sales into R&D.

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