Work at Saab Software developer in Stockholm

Software developer in Stockholm

As a software developer working at Saab facilities in Stockholm, Järfälla you will be part of an exciting and dynamic workplace. You will get the opportunity to work on everything from artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, management systems and electronic warfare to products such as Gripen fighters, or the airborne surveillance system GlobalEye.

Working as a Software developer in Stockholm

Joakim Ekblad is Head of Emerging Technologies and has worked for Saab in Stockholm, Järfälla, for nearly 15 years. For him there isn’t another company like it.

“You won’t find another company that is as versatile as Saab. Here you can be a part of the development of everything from submarines, aircraft, management systems or radar,” he says.

Saab in Stockholm

At Saab in Stockholm, being a software developer means working with advanced cyber security. Demand for cybersecurity products and platforms has increased, which is why work is underway defending platforms so that no one can find a way in.

“Electronic warfare is an interesting area. We analyse incoming signals to assess threats and apply countermeasures like radar jamming. You might also work with management systems in fighters, submarines or ships,” explains Ekblad.

Creative outlet at Saab

Saab is rapidly becoming a software company where innovation and development are high priority areas. An example is when Saab builds secure data centres with massive computational capacity. Our future will include data, and how it’s used with algorithms for AI and Machine Leaning (ML) to improve existing products, and to develop new products.

“At Saab we often work in small teams of software developers. It’s a creative environment and there are enormous opportunities,” he says.

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