Swedish citizenship Is it required to be a swedish citizen for working at Saab?

Can you apply for jobs at Saab as a foreign national? Absolutely. Many people who work at Saab have foreign or dual nationality.

Working in the defence industry and at Saab


Saab is a company within the defence industry that handles information that can affect national security. Most positions require security clearance. Saab conducts a security check where criminal and credit reference records are examined, as well as determining if there is order in other areas of a candidate’s life.

Security clearance is an analysis of a candidate’s vulnerabilities, and is required for Swedish and foreign nationals.

“All of our job postings list that security clearance is required according to Sweden’s security laws”, says Jens Berglund, head of personnel security, Saab.


How your citizenship affects your employment


Some positions at Saab are at a high security level, with access to classified information. Classified information and how it can be shared, is determined by the laws of the country.

“In instances where we’re restricted from sharing classified information with a certain country, we’re not able to give a person with citizenship from that country access to that information either”,
Berglund says.

Vulnerability through citizenship


“A candidate’s vulnerability might be linked to their citizenship. An example could be if a person has a relative in another country, who in turn can be blackmailed to provide classified information, or if legislation in a country means that a candidate would be required to share information if their country requested it.”


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