Benefits in Sweden

Here you can read about some of the benefits that permanent employees in Sweden can take part of.

Healthcare contributions

We invest in health and fitness. Our employees are offered a health account, which for example can make a financial contribution to healthcare or access to a training centre.


Advances holiday for new employees

Permanent employees are offered up to 20 days' holiday in advance during their first year, which is written off if the employee continues to be employed for at least five years.


Compensation for parental leave

We think it is important to facilitate the combination of parenthood and work. While on parental leave, Saab settles the difference so that employees receive 90 per cent of their salary over 180 days, regardless of the salary.


Gross Salary Deductions

  • Eye operations and IVF treatment outside of general healthcare, employees can order specific health treatments e.g. corrective eye surgery through laser treatment, IVF (in vitro fertilization).
  • Salary Exchange for Pension, employees can waive a portion of their salary and pay it into an occupational pension instead. Saab enumerates the premium with the difference between social contributions paid on the salary and the payroll tax paid on the occupational pension.
  • Staff Car, a benefit whereby Saab leases a car that the employee pays the costs for and uses both personally and for work. An interesting alternative to buying a new car privately.

Preferential Insurance Policies

Subscribe to affordable insurance e.g. life, health, childcare, medical plus sickness and accident.


Rich Social Life

Participate in the wide variety of associations where employees can meet, attend cultural events and so one. In addition to being fun, it also provides the opportunity for networking.


Holiday Facilities

Make use of our holiday facilities in various parts of Sweden.


Convenient and Affordable Shareholdings

Set aside a certain portion of salary in a share savings programme for a predetermined period with the opportunity to be awarded B shares in Saab.

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Tryggve Holm's Foundation

Apply for a grant to support your personal development in subjects within the company's operations, such as language courses and study visits to other countries.


Staff Card

Entitles the holder to discounts with various shops and businesses. These discounts are available on everything from travel, car hire and paint to home electronics and furnishings.