Career and development within Saab

Meet Emi and Elvira at the shipyard in Karlskrona

​During the spring, there has been some news about generation shift at the shipyard of Saab Kockum inKarlskrona. Now we have Emi and Elvira in place, as two good role models for a new category of coworkers in the production.

Since three years, Emi Cederholm has participated in the Apprenticeship Program at Af Chapmangymnasiet(upper secondary school) in Karlskrona. You might think that being an apprentice is for those who want an easy way out, but nothing could be more wrong in this case. It´s a thorough education with 40 hours weekly schedule. Two days a week at school, and three days in the workshop at the shipyard. At school, Emi has, among many subjects, studied language and math, both necessary for a future career within Saab.   

- It has been a great education for me. It might sound a bit odd, but since I was a kid, I have had a dream of working within welding. Maybe it´s because my dad has always done so. And the definitive goal would be to be able to work at the shipyard.

This autumn, Saab Kockums together with Karlskrona Kommun has increased the number of participants at the apprenticeship program. The will be up to 15 students that will be offered training within the production workshops.

- In cooperation with the management at Af Chapmangymnasiet, we have developed a program that will meet the requirements from Saab, and thereby create a good base for future recruitment within our production, says Thomas Sabel, HR-Business Partner at Saab Kockums in Karlskrona.

Elvira Selander is the second newcomer, fresh from school. But in her case the school is Montico, a private school focusing on training adults to find new job careers. Elvira has previously, among other things, been working as instructor at a health club and as operator at a dairy.

- Since I have been working some with welding before, it was nothing new to me. But now I have got a proper education with certificates and am really proud to start working at Saab Kockums.

One of the main reasons they both like working at Saab Kockums, is the variety in tasks they experience. It´s not a matter of doing the one and only routine over and over again, but more like being an important part of a larger project. And producing submarines is also an exciting thing to be doing.

- Then we shouldn´t forget the good fellowship and solidarity we experience here, says Emi. Both during work hours, and off duty, we have fun together, no matter age or background.

- Do you hint that I should be old, replies Elvira, with laughter…

- I see Emi and Elvira as role models for a new generation of coworkers at the shipyard in Karlskrona, says Roger Danell, Production Manager at Saab Kockums. A comprehensive education, not only within the trade area, but also in math, IT and language, will be vital further on. Also the ability to be "Multi-skilled" will be of importance. To be able to work within several different areas is developing for the individual, as well as good for the productivity in production. I wish Emi and Elvira welcome to the company, and hope to see them in the front row, when we launch the first submarine in 2022, Roger adds.