Life at Saab Welcome on board the journey, we travel together

Mark Franklin, Managing Director, Saab Training & Simulation UK

"Saab is the best work place because it is not just a workplace, it is a place of social gathering such is the team and family spirit built up within the company where colleagues are friends too. A work place where everyone feels valued and understands their role and their part in the bigger picture makes the Saab work place such a vitalising and invigorating one.
Saab has always taken pride in the commitment it shows to its employees and the model has always been good, the envy of other companies."

Code of conduct

Saab is a company acting on the international arena and we, as Saab employees, are all carrying with us the Saab brand in our daily operations. Our vision and values can only be fulfilled if we all understand that we must represent the company in a way that meets high ethical standards. This way we will gain respect on the market and in the societies where we are active, and we will create a working environment that is attractive to us as employees.

Work-life balance

We are aware that we all have a life outside of work. Health and well­being are important both for the company and the individual, and at Saab we encourage a good balance in life – balance between work, family and leisure.


For contries in which unions are prominent, Saab cooperates with these organisations through sharing information, collaborating and consultation groups. These relationships are characterised by mutual respect and a desire to reach constructive solutions based on legal requirements in each state or country.