A position at Kockums: a mix between heritage and exciting future

My name is Elisabeth and my position is at Saab Kockums at Marketing and product sales; we are promoting Saab Kockums’ naval products!


My background is from the civil shipping industry so when I heard there was going to be a trainee position at Saab Kockums I never hesitated to apply: for me this felt as an opportunity of a lifetime. The fact we are working with some of the most advanced products one can find does not make it less appealing!

Kockums is one of the latest companies to have joined Saab in 2014 even if the shipyard in the city of Karlskrona actually was founded in 1680. After being in the ship constructing business for almost 400 years Saab Kockums history is almost as an interesting novel with exciting adventures, thrilling ship technology and maybe one or two heroes.

We have an extensive product portfolio with naval ships for different missions; submarines, multirole surface combatants and mine countermeasures vessels. Our marketing and sales efforts in this area is not just about the actual capabilities of the ships; it is also about politics, creating attractive partnerships with local industry and long-term relationship with the customer. In order to perform a good job we therefore take several actions in order to put us ahead of our competitors. Continuous dialogue with our customer and partners presenting proactive ideas and proposals, as well as participation in exhibitions and media, is part of what we do to secure our business – a business that in many cases lie many years ahead of us!

It is a challenge for us working with promoting products like the submarine A26: we want to ensure our costumer what an amazing product we have developed but at the same time safeguard our parent navy Sweden’s intellectual property and prevent disclosure of any strategic advantages to our competitors.