Being a GOOD global citizen

My name is Stuart Angas, I am Australian and I work for Saab Australia in their Adelaide office.

‘Integrity is doing the right thing, especially when no one is watching’ C.S. Lewis

Saab is a business made up of thousands of committed global citizens that do right no matter if they are being watched or not. We in the Saab Graduate Leadership team have an extraordinary opportunity through working for Saab and completing the SGLP. What is important to us is that each of us on this team appreciates the opportunity and makes the most of it. We are incredibly fortunate to be in the position we are in but it comes with a sense of duty to do right and contribute back to this incredible world in truly effective way. Saab provides a platform for all of its employees to make a positive impact.

Our roles as Saab graduate leaders in a global environment is dependent on our ability to be good global citizens. My role from Australia is to bring a Southern hemisphere perspective to our Northern hemisphere colleagues to help them understand our challenges and opportunities in the Asia pacific region, but also learn from the those located on the other side of the world to understand the mechanics of how the world really interacts, what are the influences on our global community? How do we understand them and work with them/against them? How do we achieve goals on a global scale?

Notwithstanding the above, we also have a lot of fun. We are passionate about our work and our commitment to being good global citizens. It’s just that sometimes being a good global citizen means learning about different cultures often aided by fantastic local food, wine, beer, people, sport and whatever else we may be lucky enough to experience in any particular country.

Providing you give more to the environment or community that you are in at any given moment, you are having a positive impact. Everyone has a duty to make a positive impact on this earth.

If this sounds like you, perhaps you should be working with us at Saab?