This is Africa

I can't believe how fast six weeks can pass by. It has been a journey of beautiful nature and wildlife, warm and welcoming colleges, interesting tasking and great food! My name is Linda and I'm a graduate trainee at Saab who just spent six weeks at Saab Grintek Defence in South Africa.

Me and Princess Kutenha, receptionist at Saab Grintek Defence

Saab Grintek Defence is a company that was bought as a part of the offset deal when Gripen was sold to South Africa. They mainly focus on the Electronic Warfare and Avionics business but also different kind of support and services solutions. I, as I am a part of Support and Service in Sweden, spent my time with the Support Solutions department. Since I am a Business controller my focus lay of course to the numbers of the business. My assignment consisted of creating a summary of the financial metrics of the business activities. It was all presented in a dashboard to be used as a management tool.

Apart from work, living in South Africa has been a real adventure. It's truly a country with two faces still affected by its recent history. It's a beautiful country with a charming mix of western and African culture, but the downside is the poverty and segregation still existing. Luckily I had the time to travel around and discover the beauty of South Africa in the weekends, so me and Andreas (another trainee visiting SA) had a busy schedule to accomplish. One weekend we went on safari to the Krüger Park and saw animals like lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and impalas. So exciting! Another weekend we went to Cape Town to see the naval fleet of SA. Of course we also had the time to visit the Cape point, Table Mountain, Stellenbosch and the penguins on Boulder's Beach.

Me on safari in the Krüger Park and at Cape point in Cape Town.

It’s been amazing to get the opportunity to experience all these things and the good part is that it’s not over yet. I have another six weeks in Bangkok to experience before I go back home to Sweden!

Take care!