Hello World

I am the blog of the Saab Graduate Leadership Programme and today is the first day of my life. Follow me to join the journey of 10 graduates when they take on the challenge that the Saab Graduate Leadership Programme has to offer. By presenting glimpses of each graduate’s everyday life I hope to spread knowledge of the programme and its endless opportunities when it comes to gaining new knowledge, developing skills both professionally and personally, and exploring the world by being part of a global defence and security company.

The picture below shows the graduate team of 2015/2016. Emelie and Johannes work at Aeronautics in Linköping, the business area creating and producing Gripen. Anna and Victor work with radars at Electronic Defence Systems in Gothenburg. Tanika is from South Africa and works with communication in Centurion. Johanna and Ebba work in Stockholm at Group Finance. Stuart and Suzanne live in the land down under and work in Adelaide respectively Canberra. Elisabeth is stationed in Malmö at Kockums. The graduate team is a mix of people with different backgrounds and personalities that complement each other. The team will meet during several weeks both in Sweden and abroad throughout the programme. In between the team weeks they will spend their time on individual projects and do rotations across the company around the world.

Follow their journey and see what it is like to participate in the Saab Graduate Leadership Programme and to be a young professional at Saab!

From left: Emelie, Johannes, Anna, Victor, Johanna, Tanika, Stuart, Ebba, Elisabeth, and Suzanne.