Military exercise in Cultana, Australia

I drove up an early morning to Woodside Military barracks outside the city of Adelaide in Australia. I had packed all the layers of clothing I thought was appropriate for what Australians call “winter” (which doesn’t at all get as cold as the Swedish winter).  I had no idea what I would learn from the coming experience or what I should expect, but I felt ready.

Once I arrived at the gate I showed my ID to the guard and called the person who would escort me inside the military area. “Hello, it’s Anna, I am here now” I said. “Yes, I know, I can see you holding up all the trucks behind you” he replied.  That is how I introduced myself to the person taking me up to the international military exercise in Cultana – there was no ice left that needed to be broken.

I have never done military service but I think it is important to understand the environment in which our products are used and by whom they are used. I work with radar systems in Gothenburg and I wanted to learn more about how they are operated in their true environment. Therefore I spent two days at the military exercise in Cultana.

You never know what is out there until you see it. For me to understand our customers and my colleagues around the world, I have to get by their side and work with them. I have to see things from their perspective by being in their environment and by understanding the things that are important to them - right there. During this year I have had the opportunity to meet and greet, and wine and dine with customers and colleague around the world. I never know what I will learn from such an experience but I always bring back valuable insights.